Spotify Picture Frame – The Perfect Way To Display Your Music

There are so many cool news ways to integrate your music with your everyday life and one of them now is the Spotify Picture Frame

By Rick Gonzales | Published

There is now a Spotify picture frame that can act as a great decorative piece for your home. We all know Spotify as one of the leaders in music streaming. Listeners can take advantage of Spotify’s free service that plays ads every 4-7 songs, or for a nominal fee, listeners can bypass those annoying ads and listen to their favorite artist or playlist to their heart’s content. Spotify also has a few special add-ons that make it an attractive streamer, such as the Spotify Palette where your music tastes are analyzed and then presented to you via a colorful palette. This palette then tells you what your taste in music means.

Another app that is pretty cool for Spotify is called Receiptify. This works much like the Palette in that it analyzes your music and then presents your top ten favorites on a display that looks like a store receipt. Now, Spotify has something called the Spotify Picture Frame, another neat wrinkle offered by the popular music streamer.


spotify picture frame

The easiest way to describe a Spotify picture frame is a frame that plays music. With a Spotify picture frame, it isn’t the frame that actually plays the music. Instead, it’s the code you put on the picture that plays the song of your choice. These picture frames are perfect for loved ones. They can be designed as a wedding or anniversary gift, as a gift for Valentine’s Day, or for someone you care about and want to keep a precious memory.


Spotify has a feature on its website called Spotify Codes. Here you will be able to create a QR-like scannable tag or code that can be put virtually anywhere. For the picture frame, you would just add it to the frame itself. You will then be able to scan the code and have your favorite song begin to play.



There are two ways you can find a Spotify picture frame. The first is by purchasing one from retail stores or over the internet. The second is by actually making one yourself, a task that isn’t as hard as it may sound. We’ll tackle option number one first.

There are plenty of places on the internet where you can find a Spotify picture frame. The frames are typically made with clear acrylic and are big enough to where you can include your favorite picture along with all the song information you may want to present. For instance, My Spotify Plaque allows you to go to their website to fill in all the details of how you want your Spotify picture frame to look. First choose your favorite song or even album. Then include the Spotify code, so when you scan it, your song or album will begin playing. Fill in the song title or the album title, the name of the artist, and the special photo that you wish to have displayed. Once you are done, My Spotify Plaque will create the picture frame.

You can also choose to go to a website such as Amazon in order to find a Spotify picture frame. There you will have the choice of a number of different companies that work much like My Spotify Plaque. You will be able to customize your picture frame as you please by adding your favorite picture as well as your favorite song. There is also an option to create your Spotify picture frame with rock slate. This will surely be a hit with its unique design.


Perhaps, though, you wish to make a more personal statement with your Spotify picture frame. You can by building one of your own from the ground up. These picture frames are not too difficult to build, but you will need a few items to come up with your loving display. Here is what you will need:

  • Cricut machine and tools
  • 2-sided tape or a glue stick
  • Permanent vinyl and transfer tape
  • 8×10 picture frame
  • An SVG file for the picture frame

Your first order of business will be to get your favorite song code from Spotify. Be sure to select “SVG” as the file type when you save it. Once that is complete, you will then upload the SVG into the Cricut design space. Always be sure to check your measurements so you know that your design will fit your picture frame.

Your next order of business will be to choose the picture you’d like to add to the frame, making sure it is the proper size to not only fit the frame but sized also to fit the song information you wish to include. Remember, all of this information is going into the SVG file. You will then upload the Spotify song code and size it properly to fit inside the template box. Remove the layers that contain the black box so they won’t appear on your final product. You can then add the song name and artist. Once this is done, you attach all layers to the picture frame, and you are done. Yes, this was a quick and dirty explanation of how to build your own, but you can see full details here.


There are other musical picture frames on the market that are similar to a Spotify picture frame which may be the cause for some confusion. The Spotify picture frame, as we mentioned, uses a Spotify code for an individual song, or even an album, to play with your favorite photo. But there are digital picture frames that act much the same way but can hold numerous pictures and even a number of different songs.

These work by way of internal memory storage. Most digital frames hold 8GB of storage, so there is plenty of space for pictures and music. Some of these digital frames allow for headphones to be connected but to get the best sound from them, connecting to external speakers would be the best option.

The big difference between a Spotify picture frame and a digital frame obviously is the number of pictures and music you can see and hear. If you are choosing a Spotify picture frame, then you are making your gift more meaningful. It is one snapshot in time that is special to you and your loved one. It is also one song that holds special meaning to you. These are wonderful gifts, go check them out.