Severe Drought Is Causing A Disturbing Thing To Occur In Nevada

By Joseph Farago | 2 months ago

dead bodies

States all over the US are experiencing strange weather patterns for spring. In Nevada, extreme drought is stirring up a peculiar event for residents. The drought is revealing dead bodies that were once submerged in Lake Mead. The severe dryness is expected to continue unearthing things trapped in the lake once previously unknown.

Dead bodies aren’t the first thing people assume will happen when drought sets in. This changed for residents living around Lake Mead, who noticed a body wash up on the lake’s shoreline this past weekend. The body belonged to someone who disappeared in the 1980s. The remains were locked inside a metal barrel, which kept the body hidden for the past 40 years. As water levels continue to decline, experts expect more bodies to wash up in lakes and reservoirs around Nevada.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police confirmed that they found the missing body over the weekend. Lieutenant Raymond Spencer of the police department made a statement about the dead bodies arriving on the shoreline and how these findings would probably remain undiscovered without climate change. It’s a bitter-sweet moment for police and residents of the area since discovering these remains only occurred due to unsettling climate changes. As greenhouse gas continues to be emitted by large corporations, water levels will drop around the country, revealing more hidden treasures and possible missing bodies.

Lieutenant Spencer added that he wouldn’t be surprised if more dead bodies were found on the shoreline of Lake Mead. The lake, which hasn’t had much water level change in the last few decades, is receding quickly due to the ongoing drought. Spencer believes that the barrel containing the missing person was dropped many miles offshore. But as the water has subsided, a new shoreline has emerged, encroaching on what was once a vast, wide lake. With water levels diminishing, bodies and lost items will likely be revealed as the shoreline grows more extensively.

Lake Mead is Nevada’s largest artificial lake. The body of water is situated 20 miles east of the populous Las Vegas, attracting tourists from all over the country. On Sunday afternoon, boaters traversing the water found the metal barrel containing the missing person. The barrel was situated on the shoreline, covered in mud and barnacles. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have now warned beachgoers to look out for other mysterious items, and dead bodies as the drought continues in the area.

Lake Mead is more than a depository of dead bodies and hidden treasure for the locals. The lake is responsible for providing clean drinking water to millions of people in Nevada. Up to 25 million people depend on Lake Mead’s potable water, making the man-made reservoir integral for residents’ survival. An extended drought could affect the lake and the people that rely on it enormously. Though the lake has dropped 150 feet over the last 20 years, this drought has diminished the water level more drastically than ever before, threatening the fragile ecosystem. Police are now figuring out the person’s identity found on Lake Mead’s shoreline. As the drought rages on, many suspect more dead bodies of missing people in the area may collect on the lake’s sizeable beachfront.