The One Peculiar Thing You Can Find On Every Samsung Phone

Virtually every Samsung phone has a hidden Chihuahua that can be found by accessing diagnostic mode.

By Ryan Clancey | Published

 Here is something to lighten anyone’s mood. If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy or pretty much any Samsung phone, then listen up; you are the owner of a brand-new pet. You have a hidden Chihuahua living in your phone. No, you have not read that incorrectly; there is a miniature dog living inside your phone.

It is something that you would never just stumble on, but it is waiting to say hello whenever you do. Your new furry friend is in the form of a picture that is in a menu called “diagnostic mode.” Samsung does not advertise the diagnostic mode and other features, and you won’t find them in your Settings App.

If you are interested in finding your new pet, then you need to launch diagnostic mode. The diagnostic mode can be found by dialing *#o*#. From that, a straightforward menu will appear with limited options. Within these options, you can test different functions relating, such as trying how the phone receives different colors, such as red, blue, and green. Also, you can test the accuracy of the touch sensor on your screen by hitting “touch.” These features may differ slightly depending on the Samsung phone you are using.

Samsung’s newest models, such as the Galaxy S22 or the controversial Fold and Flip model, will have extra options that standard models wouldn’t have. Also, older models may have specific features that are redundant now due to the growth of technology or have been removed in newer models.

Anyway, to find our little hidden Chihuahua within the diagnostic mode, click the “sensor” option. There will be several different options and buttons, but it’s the “image test” button that is of interest. Click that, and boom: Furry friend, right there living in your phone.

samsung phone hidden chihuahua

So now that we have found her/him, the next question is, why is he/she there? There is no reason for the picture to be there. As if it is a test image, surely Samsung, the global technology company, could get a better quality image. Samsung has yet to offer an explanation. Something random like this will likely taunt the internet’s tech fanatics and community boards for years if no reason is released.

This new finding from Samsung has gained popularity on the social media site TikTok. The content creator, tbvrgg, was the first page to show off the hidden Chihuahua no one knew they bought. While in the store, he displayed the trick on the brand-new Samsung phone. Whether you have a new Samsung phone or an old version, you are also the proud owner of a miniature dog. We’ll leave the naming up to you.

Tech companies have a habit of adding quirky pieces of technology to their most popular models and never release that they have done so. It is only people who have expert knowledge of the technology accidentally find the hidden quirkiness. Some people reckon that this is an inside joke between developers. Whatever the reason, it will keep us all busy thinking of new names for our new little hidden Chihuahua.