Ridge Wallet Vs Omega Wallet

Let’s do the anticipated duel: Ridge wallet vs Omega Wallet.

Both are minimalist wallets and share a lot of similarities. They both have a slot to push the cards out. The space between the two plates hold the cards together. The two also have one thing in common that is RFID protection. We have reviewed Ridge Wallet in detail already but this duel had to be done.

With fundamental functional similarities, there are differences between the two products.  Let’s have a look at the point which makes the difference between the two.

ridge wallet vs omega wallet


Ridge has two plates held together with a three-sided elastic band and Torx screws. Omega titanium plates are held together by the Torx screws along with O rings that protrude just a little outside the plates of the wallet.


These are both plates based minimalistic wallet. The one which is more compact will have an obvious edge over the other. The metallic clip to hold money makes the design of the Ridge wallet less minimalistic than the Omega wallet whose design ends right outside the metallic plate.

Dimensions and Weight

Although small but there is a difference in dimensions of both. Length of Ridge is 1.6mm shorter than Omega. Ridge is 0.6mm higher and 3.5mm thicker than the omega wallet. So from dimensions for ridge wallet vs omega wallet, it is clear that Omega is better. Because minimalist design requires that the wallet has to be less thick without any cards inside the wallet.

But from a weight point of view Omega is lighter than the Ridge, this makes the weight in the pants lesser and easy to carry on.


Although there is not much difference between the size of the two but Omega wallet has a lesser capacity than the Ridge wallet. Omega can hold at most 8 cards at a time while Ridge can go up to 15 cards. But consider it for yourself, does somebody really needs to hold 12-15 cards inside the wallet.


This is the major difference between the two wallets. Omega wallet has only one option to place the money that is inside the two plates along with the cards.

Ridge offers two structural parts, i.e. metallic clip and the band to hold the money outside the plates. But nobody can stop you from placing the money inside the plates as well. So this is where the ridge wallet takes the lead.


Ridge comes with a screwdriver to open the Torx screws. That gives the power of customization. The cash carrying customization from metallic clip to elastic band can be done with the screwdriver that comes with the box. So if you have problems with the metallic clip you can change it to the elastic band.

In the case of the Ridge, there is no customization option available other than the option to order a monogram based wallet.


The circular indentation for both works for pushing the cards outside but the omega plates can open a bottle cap. That can be handy if you enjoy drinks a lot while enjoying a Superbowl match.


After reading many online reviews I can safely conclude that Ridge customer service is much more professional and quicker than the Omega. This is a very important difference that might be the reason why Ridge has grown a lot more than Omega over the past few years.

VERDICT: Ridge Wallet Vs Omega Wallet

Both wallets do the fundamental job of carrying the cards and money quite well. From the design point of view, omega is more compact but ridge offers more customization and enjoys better customer service response reputation. The duel Ridge Wallet vs Omega Wallet has a clear winner and that is Ridge for multiple reasons that have been looked into detail above.





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