Reese’s Unveils Its Largest Peanut Butter Cup Ever

By Kristi Eckert | 6 months ago

reese's peanut butter cup

Thanksgiving is all about indulgence, well, it’s really about giving thanks, but everyone knows the best part of the holiday is the fact that it gives you an excuse to consume copious amounts of delicious food. No one understands that, arguably so, better than Hershey’s. This year, according to USA Today, the reigning king of all things chocolate unveiled its biggest Reese’s peanut butter cup to date and marketed it as a pie meant for Thanksgiving dinner tables nationwide.

The massive Reese’s peanut butter cup weighs in at hefty 3.25 pounds and measures 9 inches in diameter. It is priced at $44.99, but given that it is meant to serve 48 people, that comes out to less than a dollar per serving, which really isn’t a bad deal. However, If this sounds like something you’d like to adorn your table with this Thanksgiving, you’re out of luck. Hershey only made a limited quantity of 3,000 and sold through its inventory in just a few hours. ABC News pointed out that Bo Jones, senior associate brand manager at Reese’s said “At Reese’s, we wanted to create a dessert that everyone wants a piece of. You can thank us later.” Judging by how quickly the peanut butter cup sold out, it seems like Jones’ statement was right on point. 

Social media has also been abuzz with people talking about the giant Reese’s peanut butter cup. Many people cannot get over the “pie’s” immense size and its eye-popping calorie content. According to the nutritional label the peanut butter cup clocks in with totals of 7,680 calories, 432 grams of fat, 4800 milligrams of sodium, and 720 grams of sugar. Talk about a sugar rush! It looks like the triptafen in Turkey won’t stand a chance against the punch that the sugar in this peanut butter cup packs! Still, we have to give the colossal pie kudos for the impressive 192 grams of protein that it contains. It goes without saying that you should not eat the entirety of this pie by yourself in one sitting, in reality, the nutritional count per serving is only 1/48th or 2% of the totals listed above. 

Moreover, if Reese’s enthusiasts are disheartened by the fact that all 3,000 of the massive peanut butter cups are sold out, CNN noted that Hershey’s has been releasing a plethora of other new novelties for the brand. Including a Reese’s peanut butter cup made entirely of peanut butter, a peanut butter cup with pretzels mixed in with the filling, and perhaps, what is most akin to the thanksgiving pie, Hershey’s also released Reese’s peanut butter snack cakes. Clearly, the confectioner is not afraid to branch out and take risks with one of its best-selling brands. 

In addition to the Reese’s peanut butter cup pie, and along with the menagerie of other Reese’s snack options, Hershey’s recently revealed this year’s holiday flavors for its entire product lineup. In addition to Reese’s getting yet another new flavor (peanut brittle), there are also sugar cookie Hershey bars, gingerbread Kit-Kats, vanilla-flavored snowball Whoppers, and grinch-themed Candy Kisses. Tis’ the seasons for chocolate lovers to rejoice!