What Cue Tip Do The Pro Use

By Asad | 9 months ago

With so many players turned pro these days it was somewhat difficult to know what cue tip do the pro use on their pool cues. After quite a lot of research, I have gathered the list of players along with the tip they are using. You can check the tip density from this pool tip hardness table.

On the date this post has been written I have gathered this list. It might be possible that the players might have switched to some other tip. In case you are aware of that please write that in the comment section I will update this blog post and give you the credits.

After all this post is to help everybody else to improve their game and get to know their ideal a little bit better. In case you are looking to upgrade your cue along with the tip then you may want to check out this post where I reviewed the best cues around for people who have just started or feel confident that they are now in the intermediate league.


A lot of them use what suits them better. A percentage use what they are sponsored with so it can be hard or soft. They play for hours and are used to the harshness of the hard tip. For those on a budget, I would suggest investing on a tip that is at least medium because it would take longer to mushroom and you can save some money while the tip maintains it shape.

In the case of seasoned players, they hardly do the mistake of missing the center and hence they can plan with the harder tips.
If you are using a softer tip use chalk consistently it jams between the ball and the tip. So it gives you the grip that is the necessity to play a better shot. In case you are planning to do the transition from your current tip type to the ones used by the pros then give yourself at least 2 weeks or at most 1 month to deduce whether you have got used to it and are getting better results than the previous tip you were using.

Another reason why you should consider the transition from softer to harder tip is that as you play with the softer tip it gets pressed with each shot’s impact with the cue ball. So after some hundred strokes, it’s not as soft it was and is now more on the harder side. That means you are playing with the hard tip after a few weeks so why not do the transition straight away and learn to grip with the harder tip.


Here is the list of players and the tip company they might be using these days:
Scott Frost – Moori medium.
Van Boening – Brown Kamui Hard
Rodney Morris – Triangle tips.
Efren – ElkmasterSVB
Jayson Shaw – Kamui black medium
Mika Immonen – Kamui black soft
Mike Dechaine – Predator victory tip
Dennis Orcollo – Tiger’s Sniper
Warren Kiamco – Tiger’s Sniper
Earl Strickland – Moori Quick
Corey Deuel – elk master milk dud
Mike Dechaine – brown Kamui
Appleton – Kamui Black
S. SVB – Kamui Brown M
Shannon Daulton – Blackhearts
Yukio Akagariyama – Kamui BLACK S
Jayson Shaw – Kamui BLACK M
Jeffrey Ignacio – Kamui CLEAR BLACK M
Tomoko Kubota – Kamui ORIGINAL SS
Sanjin Pehlivanovic – Kamui BLACK S
Thorsten Hohmann – Kamui ORIGINAL S
Niels Feijen – Kamui ORIGINAL S
Florian Kohler – Kamui BLACK SS
Ralf Souquet – Kamui ORIGINAL SS
Jon Pinegar aka Hennessee – wizards
Dee Adkins – Le pro
Shawn Putnam – Tiger
Jose Parica – elk master
Chris Szuter – elk master
Tony Robles – Kamui tips
Larry Nevel – Kamui tips
Jeremy Sossei – Kamui tips
Buddy Hall – blackish Le Pros
Nick Varner – blackish Le Pros
David Howard – blackish Le Pros
Larry Hubbard – blackish Le Pros
Jimmy Mataya – blackish Le Pros
Wade Crane – blackish Le Pros
Eddie Taylor – blackish Le Pros
Jack Heinz – blackish Le Pros
Jay Swanee Swanson – blackish Le Pros
Mike Tennessee – blackish Le Pros
Jim Rempe – blackish Le Pros