Porsche Electric Vehicle Beats Sales Of Regular Model

By Kristi Eckert | 7 months ago


As a result of increased awareness about the negative environmental effects that gasoline-powered cars have on the environment, electric-powered vehicles have begun to take up more of the car industry’s market share in recent years. Tesla has long been the foremost spearheader for the clean energy subset, but many other automakers have begun to jump on the bandwagon, as well, and have introduced their own electric models to their fleets. Porsche is one such company that has followed suit in the growing trend, and now, according to Tech Crunch, their electric-powered sedan, the Porsche Taycan, has effectively surpassed sales of their most iconic sports car, the Porsche 911.

The news came out of a report that was published on Porsche’s proprietary news site, Newsroom. The report reflected an overall increase in Porsche sales after they had been on the decline for some time. While the company saw an upturn in sales across most of their lineup, the numbers also surprisingly revealed that the Taycan was able to outsell their quintessential sports car by a margin of about 10 percent. Given that the Taycan is Porsche’s first fully electric model and was just released in 2019, the fact that it was able to outperform sales of one of their most revered vehicles is an impressive feat in itself. 


Moreover, CNBC pointed out, that the Taycan’s outperformance of the 911 is certainly reflective of an increasingly evolving market. However, it is also important to consider the function of the Taycan versus that of the 911. Whereas the 911 generally appeals to a certain subsector of buyers, particularly those who have the extra capital at their disposal to purchase one, it does not fit the needs of the masses. Essentially, the Porsche 911 is not meant to serve as a family or individual’s daily driver, it is a pleasure vehicle. In contrast, the Porsche Taycan does have the qualities of the type of vehicle the would appeal to a wider variety of people. It is a full-size sedan that can comfortably seat five and starts a full $20 thousand cheaper than the 911. 

Porsche released the Taycan at what seems to be the absolute optimal time. Not only are electric vehicles beginning to have a prominent presence in the automotive industry, but electric cars are projected to take up close to 30 percent of all automobiles on the road throughout the United States by 2030. Additionally, industry leader Tesla continues to outperform its own numbers in terms of how many cars they deliver per quarter. The numbers certainly don’t lie, and they serve as an accurate reflection of a societal perspective that is in an active flux. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more people going out sooner rather than later to replace their internal combustion machines for those powered by clean energy, especially given the state of relentlessly rising gas prices at the moment. Regardless, how quickly electric cars begin to overtake gas-powered ones, it is clear that given the current trajectory that they are on they are perfectly poised to do so in the very near future.