What You Should Teach Your Kids If You Want Them To Be Successful Adults

Parents who have raised extremely successful children believe that raising them to be curious helped them reach their current level of success.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

Every parent in today’s world worries about their kids. They want to raise confident and resilient kids, soon-to-be adults. But in a world that puts so much pressure on you to be materialistic and “successful,” how do you raise humans to be well-rounded, successful adults?

Parents who raised highly successful adults gave their thought on what they think influenced their children to be such high achievers.

One of the primary skills they taught their kids at a young age that contributed to their children’s success is curiosity. Curiosity is a rare skill, but a skill employers are always looking for in their employees. It involves thinking about something on a deeper level but arriving at a solution. By thinking this way, you arrive at better and more creative results.

Building on a child’s curiosity is not just the desire to know about something. The boundaries of the question need to be pushed, like how does this work? Then how can you make it better? Or how can you fix it? Using leading questions like this gives a child a chance to think for themselves and push the boundaries of the box.

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One of the ways to encourage curiosity is to let your kids fix things. Doing this can help develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. If something simple needs fixing around the house, involve your children. Once you gauge their interest, you can move up to more complicated and intricate problems.

Another critical skill to ensure your kids develop into successful adults is confidence. It goes without saying that confident people go further in this world, but how do you ensure that a child has the support they need to trust their instincts? Building their confidence every single day is vital. This can be achieved by telling them they can achieve anything and be whomever they want.

Also, keeping a child’s mind busy when they are young will set them up to look for opportunities and adventure when they are adults. Learning games, exploring nature, and having interesting days out will give them the spirit to go and get life instead of being bored and unfulfilled.

The last skill these parents try to instill in their kids is independent thinking. By giving your child a choice, they learn to think for themselves and decide what it is they would actually like. It gives them confidence as it shows your respect for their wishes and judgment. It also gives them accountability for their actions, as they have to make a choice that gives a specific outcome.

Raising children is not for the faint-hearted, especially in a world that is so different from the one where most adults have grown up. It is a challenge to raise secure, confident, and, most importantly, happy children. A lot of social media involves material success which puts pressure on young people who think they need a Louis Vuitton bag to be deemed “successful.”

Obviously, this goal is fine as long as they are not putting pressure on themselves to achieve it. Having guides like this can help parents think outside the box and help develop their tiny humans into a happy successful adults.