One Company Is Adding Caffeine To Its Donuts

By Charlene Badasie | 3 months ago

caffeinated donuts

Coffee and donuts are arguably one of the world’s most popular pairings. The coffee delivers an often much-needed boost of caffeine, while its partner serves as a special sweet treat. Now, Hostess is changing the game with their new creation – caffeinated donuts which are aptly named Boost Jumbo Donettes.

Speaking about the launch of the caffeinated donuts, General Manager of Hostess Brands Christopher Balach said the new item is aimed at adults who are increasingly looking for alternative sources of caffeine. “The Boost Jumbo Donettes offer a tasty, energy-boosting, grab-and-go way to jumpstart the day,” he said in a statement via Food & Wine.

Hostess’ caffeinated donuts are three times larger than the company’s original mini donuts. The Boost Jumbo Donettes are lightly glazed, made with coffee bean extract, and will be available in two flavors. The Chocolate Mocha variety features the decadent flavors of chocolate and espresso coffee. While the Caramel Macchiato option blends creamy caramel and espresso coffee flavors that perfectly combine for a smooth, rich taste.

According to Hostess, their coffee-flavored snacks are not just for mornings. Boost Jumbo Donettes can serve as a tiny pick me up throughout the day, whenever you need it. They’re also perfect for anyone searching for a coffee alternative. The caffeinated donuts will be sold in a 2.5-ounce single-serve package with a suggested retail price of $2.49. The sweet coffee treats will be rolled out at stores near you later this month.

While Hostess is leading the pack with caffeinated donuts, adding caffeine to food items has become more common over the years. Last year, President of Menu Matters Maeve Webster spoke to HuffPost about the phenomenon. “The popularity of what’s called ‘functional foods’ has grown during the pandemic,” she told the publication. “Consumers are looking to food and beverages to address health concerns and to provide them with benefits like immunity support, cognitive ability or energy.”

While caffeine has been proven to have some benefits as a food add-in (like fat-burning and as a central nervous system stimulant) it’s important to consume it with some caution. Whether you’re sipping the drink or snacking on a caffeinated donut, experts say it can lead to over-stimulation. If someone feels more anxious or has trouble sleeping, they should examine the amount of caffeine they’re consuming in a day.

“Caffeine at its best can make you feel alert and awake,” registered dietitian and nutritionist Amanda Frankeny told HuffPost. “But in the worst-case scenario, if you drink too much, it brings on nausea, anxiety, jitters, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, headaches, depression, and temporary high blood pressure.” Moreover, current guidelines state that adults shouldn’t consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. So remember to pace yourself when purchasing caffeinated donuts.

Regardless of the risks, various companies have catered to the increasing demand for caffeine-infused foods. Over the last few years, products containing a coffee-flavored surprise included granola bars, maple syrup, and even beef jerky. Interestingly, while caffeinated products create a buzz upon release, for some reason they often struggle to find a market. While caffeinated Snickers and peanut butter failed to stick around, it will be interesting to see if Hostess’ caffeinated donuts have staying power.