A New Pillow Will Detect Snoring And Move Sleeper’s Head Automatically

The Motion Pillow is designed to stop an individual's snoring by raising or lowering the pillow automatically to the stop snorer, this is accomplished by means of machine learning.

By Brian Scheid | Published

motion pillow

When they say being and staying married takes a lot of work, they were not kidding, especially during the activity that happens the most in the bedroom.  No, not that activity, I am talking about the time spent sleeping side by side with your partner, which equals approximately 25% of every day. That’s where the new sleep aide innovation Motion Pillow comes in to assist in your nightly quest to get a good night’s rest even though your partner insists on snoring all night long or, as the company refers to it, “nose metal.”

The Motion Pillow uses machine learning software to detect when the user of the pillow begins to snore, and then it will inflate airbags inside the pillow to adjust the user’s head. The pillow’s software will also assess the length of time and what positions most often got the user to cease their snoring so that future snoring episodes can be remedied quickly and thus reducing the overall length of snoring. Over time the pillow constructs a user profile that will remember when the person’s head was in this position which airbag inflations and how much inflation achieved the goal of discontinuing the sound and will move to that position as its first attempt to stop the sound.

For couples that have loud snoring partners, the struggle is real, and they will go to any extent to try and resolve the issue.  They will try sleep apnea surveys and breathing machines which can make your partner feel like they are sleeping next to Darth Vader as the person with the snoring issue straps on a full facemask to go to sleep in. Not to mention the reports of how uncomfortable it is trying to sleep with a full facemask on your face because it can be quite cumbersome.   

According to futurism.com, “When it detects snoring during the night, the pillow jumps into action, inflating to adjust the position of the user’s head. If the snoring subsides, the pillow deflates.” The company’s website is quite unique because, for the first two or three scrolls through it, you feel like you are looking at your local bars amateur cover bands website as it has images of the same guy playing all the different instruments of a band with a spiked leather jacket on which looks completely out of place.

But once you get down to the information about the pillow, you learn that the manufacturers have been awarded The Consumer Technology Association’s annual Innovation Honoree for 2020, 2022, and 2023. As well as they were a 2022 IDEA design award finalist, a 2020 and 2022 German Innovation Award recipient, and 2021 iF Design Award winners. Clinical trials of the results of this product were that 93.7% of people that tested it showed a reduction in snoring after using the motion pillow for an overall 44.4% decrease in the amount of snoring time.

For the romantic partners of people that have serious snoring issues, that is music to their ears. Which is one of the product marketing slogans “With Motion Pillow, Metal Music becomes Classical Music.” Now, this type of innovation and emotional stress relief does not come at a discounted price. They are selling this item for about $400, so if you have a sleeping buddy that is causing you to lose out on precious hours of rest because of their snoring and you have the funds to make this purchase, it may be the beginning of true peace and quiet during your sleep time.