M&M Factory Workers Were Trapped In A Vat Of Chocolate, Rescue Effort Mounted

Rescue efforts were mounted following an incident involving M&M factory workers falling into an immense vat of chocolate.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

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Swimming in an expansive vat of decadent chocolate sounds like something right out of a blissful dream. However, for two male workers at an M&M factory in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania it quickly became the stuff of nightmares. CBS News reported that a rescue operation ensued after two workers fell into a gargantuan tank of chocolate. 

CBS News tweeted about the incident on Twitter while on the scene. The tweet depicted an ambulance as well as other emergency personnel stationed outside the M&M factory where the workers had become trapped in the immense tub of chocolate. Take a look at what they captured below. 

As of now, it remains unclear how the two men fell into the vat of M&M’s chocolate. There also has been no word on what condition either man is in. Additionally, it remains in question as to exactly what motivated them to put themselves in such a precarious position. Perhaps they both had a deep veneration for Willy Wonka and were living out a childhood dream? If so, the fantasy certainly didn’t play out as planned since something obviously went so terribly awry. Regardless, it has become apparent that a rescue operation ensued subsequent to the incident. And it has been confirmed that a group of firefighters were able to extract the chocolate victims from the immense tub of M&M chocolate. Following the valiant rescue efforts, the two chocolate victims were immediately put into ambulances and transported to the nearest hospital so that their injuries could be assessed. One commenter on Twitter exclaimed, “Hope it’s not death by Chocolate!” 

Although, given that the vat at the M&M factory is reportedly only about waist-high, it’s likely the two men aren’t too worse for wear. That being said, other commenters on Twitter couldn’t help but poke fun at the two chocolate divers. One individual referenced Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas and said that “This was [their] moment” as cosplayers. Someone else coyly replied with a video of Veruca Salt exclaiming, “I want it now!” Another felt it their responsibility to reign all the humor in by saying “C’mon guys this is nothing to snickers about!” 

Despite the comedic undertones, the two M&M factory workers could very well have sustained injuries. This is because the chocolate in those vats is kept at high temperatures so it does not solidify. Thus, it is reasonable to think that the men suffered burns a the very least. At this time though no further updates about their condition have been released. 

All in all, the two men getting trapped in a vat of chocolate at an M&M factory is certainly one for the history books. And the takeaway here is to never underestimate the alluring power of chocolate. In fact, in a much more heartwarming and serendipitous tale, a 100-year-old chocolate shop in New York City served as the catalyst to bring two lovers together. Not only that but the chocolate shop also served to help them live out a dream that they both had been longing to fulfill. The story is one seemingly plucked straight out of a romantic comedy. Too bad the two M&M factory workers can’t say the same about their harrowing tale.