Why MIT Scientists Are Suddenly Obsessed With Oreos

MIT scientists have been studying Oreos to find the perfect method to twist the cookie and have icing on both sides.

By Trista Sobeck | Published


“Can you tell me exactly how to eat an oreo…” If you’re Gen X or of a certain age, you’ll remember the fun rhyme often sung on the schoolyard. In that rhyme, the famous cookie snack is put under scrutiny on how to twist it apart so that both cookie treat ends get an equal amount of filling on each.

If the perfect twist was discovered, the decades long question would be answered. Well, MIT scientists think they have cracked the sweet code.

According to The Wall Street Journal Oreo experts say there is no hidden trick to correctly twisting the snack. It all comes down to technique, which can be defined as using two hands and a methodical approach. 

To start you simply twist the Oreo in half by twisting the cream filled side away from each other until it snaps apart evenly. 

Then hold one cookie in each hand and twist them again in opposite directions until they come apart cleanly with an even amount of cream on each side. Finally, place the two halves back together for a perfectly proportioned Oreo with an even amount of creamy goodness.

This newly discovered method is sure to be celebrated by cookie fans everywhere as they can now enjoy their favorite treat in perfect harmony. So go ahead, grab an Oreo, and put this technique to the test. This methodology was found thanks to engineering and physics. 

Now that you know the technique for evenly splitting an Oreo, it’s time to take your snack game up a notch. Try using that same method to make other desserts like cookie-inspired sundaes or ice cream sandwiches.

You can also mix and match different flavors of Oreos with different fillings like peanut butter, caramel, and even your own homemade creations. Whatever you decide to make, you’ll have a delicious treat that’s sure to impress your friends and family. 

No matter how you enjoy your Oreos, it’s important to remember the best way to split them evenly: twisting gently until they come apart cleanly with an even layer of creme in between. That way you’ll always achieve perfect harmony. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Oreos. From homemade concoctions to classic combos, they make the perfect ingredient for any sweet treat. When it comes to incorporating Oreos into your baking and desserts, the sky is literally the limit. In fact, Oreo has recently come out with some new, interesting flavors to reignite fans.

It seems we are at a true transition with snack items. With Tasty Cake production halted and the threat of Little Debbie no longer being sold, folks have looked to other treats like yogurt bars and even fruit. After all, being healthy has become extremely important over the last couple years. And smart snacking is a smart choice.