Missing Sailor Found Alive After Surviving 24 Days Lost At Sea

A sailor who was missing for 24 days was found alive after serving on ketchup, seasonings, and rainwater.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

missing sailor

Have you ever been so lost that you didn’t think you’d make it out? Maybe without a cell phone, alone, scared, and running out of options? If you ever have, chances you are just happy to have gotten out of there alive. Such is the case of a missing sailor recently who was found at sea, abandoned and alone in his boat for 24 days. 

According to NPR, a man was recently found in the middle of the ocean in his abandoned boat. He was lost for 24 days and was able to survive on ketchup packets and other seasonings. The missing sailor, Elvis Francois, was repairing a boat around the island of Saint-Maarten. He got swept out in a current and had written Help in English when he was rescued. 

Francois was able to signal a plane using a mirror. The folks on the plane then contact the Navy, who were able to get to him and save him. He was found 120 miles north of La Guajira peninsula in Columbia. The navy took him to Cartagena where he is awaiting transport back to his home. 

The reason Francois was swept into the ocean was because of violent ocean currents. This may be caused by extreme weather changes caused by climate change. And, it’s only going to get worse. The missing sailor got extremely lucky that his boat wasn’t carried out further than it did. He could’ve easily been washed out further. 

The missing sailor was able to survive by learning how to sustain himself with little food and catching water from rain, and eating seasonings found in the boat. He got extremely lucky and thanked the navy for their assistance. 

This is just one of the many tales of survival this year. Earlier this year, there was incredible turbulence on a plane trip to Hawaii that was so harsh that one person was thrown onto the ceiling. This plane trip may have made the missing sailor’s lost-at-sea journey a pleasure cruise. 

The plane to Hawaii was caused by an unexpected patch of turbulent air that was unforeseen. There were thunderstorms in the area, but the pilot did not know that type of air was around. Unfortunately, people got hurt, but they did survive, just like the missing sailor. 

In another story, a plane was stuck in live powerlines when it attempted to land. Two adult passengers were rescued, and just like the missing sailor, they survived. Although the weather was foggy and the power lines were live with electricity, the two people were able to land on the ground safe and sound. However, rescuers had to wait until the lines were grounded so they wouldn’t be electrocuted. 

In another story, a person fell over a cruise liner and survived. He fell over and was able to stay alive in the Gulf of Mexico for 15 hours. He is being called a Thanksgiving miracle and got rescued to tell his tale, just like the missing sailor that was recently found. When the desire for survival is strong, anything is possible.