How To Pack Hot And Cold Lunch Together

By Asad | 9 months ago

Do you find it difficult to pack hot and cold lunch items together in the same lunchbox? It’s something that most people especially moms find very much difficult and we get a lot of queries regarding how to pack hot and cold food items together in the same lunchbox. But it’s not that difficult as you think and you can easily pack both types of lunches inside one lunch box.

To answer all of your queries, we figured out that it’s the time for a post on the subject matter. So, let’s begin:

So here are a few scenarios, and we will try to go through them as best as we can, but it’s quite obvious that we cannot imagine all the different combinations that you might be packing.

So let’s just follow along.


Steps to Pack hot and cold lunch together- Scenario One

In the first scenario, let’s say you want to pack some veggies and hummus, or any other dip, inside of the lunchbox, and you also want to pack an ice pack with that. So we’re going to put this together and put this inside of the lunch bag.

The next item you want to wrap in is your soup.

Say you have some hot soup inside of the thermos, and you’re wondering if you can put the thermos on top of your cold items (veggies and hummus). The answer is yes because the thermoses are double insulated, so the heat doesn’t actually seep out. But just in case, you can use a reusable napkin, and place it around the thermos, in between the and the lunchbox that has cold items.

It serves two purposes, first it provides a shield and second your kids have something to wipe their hands with. Because you are packing the soup, don’t forget to pack some utensils. You can pack a spoon and a fork in another box and place it on top of the food items. Now it’s time to include a drink container such as water.  You can place it on the cold side as well. And your packing is done.

Steps to Pack hot and cold lunch together- Scenario One

Now that was the first scenario, another scenario is: you have some delicious dinner leftovers like teriyaki chicken for example, and you want to send them for lunch. And then you also want to send maybe some cold yogurt in another container. So you have a hot and cold lunch to pack together.

Now the same old question can we put these two hot and cold items together inside of the lunchbox? And the answer is yes. Let me show you how.

The first thing that you should do is take the yogurt and an ice pack. And place the ice pack on the side of the bag then place the cold yogurt container.

Then take the reusable napkin, kind of wrap it around the thermos that contains chicken or any other hot item, and place it on the side of the yogurt container. The napkin will form a barrier between the two containers. Now, place your reusable drink container at the bottom. And don’t forget the utensils, otherwise, the lunch won’t be consumed. It goes right on top if these items. And with that, all you have to do is close your lunch pack and send it off to work or school.

To Conclude the matter

As you can see, packing hot and cold items inside the same lunch bag is not a big deal. A tip would be to keep the items separate, so maybe one zone to make it cold, you can use a divider and the other zone to make it hot.