Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers

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Taking your lunch to the workplace is always a great option no matter what type of work you do. A handy lunch cooler allows you to carry your lunch and drinks easily and securely. Above of all, bringing a lunch cooler to work daily also allows you to eat healthily and saves your hard-earned money. When we talk about the best lunch cooler for construction workers, it will be appropriate to pick the one that has a capacity of 2 meals and is rugged enough to carry your lunch safely.

For all the manufacturers out there, their product is the best but that’s not the truth and there are some crucial things that you, must keep in mind before buying the cooler for construction workers.

Below we have compiled exclusive and detailed reviews just to show you how the lunch coolers will work on the job site. Below you will find their prominent features, comparisons, and every other detail that you need to buy the best lunch cooler.

From premium lunch coolers to affordable ones, we have lunch coolers for all uses, sites and price ranges. We are confident that our comprehensive reviews will be helpful to you. So, without a further, due here are our picks.

Best lunch cooler for construction workers – Product Reviews

NamePriceDimensions L x W x HCapacity
Igloo BMX 25 Click Here19.59” x 13.25” x 15.70 inches25 Quart
Klein Tools 55600 Click Here16.8 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches17 Quart
Arctic Zone Titan Click Here7.5" x 4.75" x 7.95 inches9 Cans
Stanley Adventure CoolerClick Here18 x 14 x 20 inches7 Quart
Igloo Quantum Click Here9 x 9 x 8.5 inches12 Quart
Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch BagClick Here10 x 7.5 x 10 (L x W x H) inches9 Cans


Igloo BMX 25 

igloe bmx 25 review

If you are looking for a rugged and durable lunch cooler, this Igloo BMX 25 Quart cooler with Cool Riser Technology is just the best.

This Igloo BMX series features heavy-duty blow-molded construction so It can survive anything that nature throws at the cooler. So, for the construction, you can rely on this cooler.

The protection of your meal is certain due to the metal kick plates, and the armored base allows the ice chest to carry what you put inside.

Extreme weather is not the only thing that can affect your meals, sunlight can also affect your lunch if it is not covered. For this purpose, the BMX lunch cooler has UV inhibitors which will prevent your lunch from harmful sun rays and you can enjoy fresh food on your lunch.

Talking about the features, it has many prominent features. For instance, the joints and other sections of this Igloo BMX are built from rust-resistant, and stainless steel materials so that the lid stays shut no matter how harsh is the weather and how heavy is the wind.

The lunch cooler is not heavy at all and you can easily carry it. As for the handle, it is made of high-quality plastic materials, perfect for patio and construction sites. If you’re concerned about its opening and closing, there’s a tie-down loop for added security.

As compared to other products on this list and in the market this Igloo 25 Quart lunch cooler is way ahead of its competitors. It has everything that you want in a lunch cooler. Its size, durable construction, usability, and overall performance makes it a reliable lunch cooler.

Klein Tools 55600 

Klein Tool 55600 review

Next, we have the Klein Tools 17 Quart Lunch Cooler is more than a lunch cooler, as it can accommodate your breakfast and dinner along with your lunch without any hassles. The capacity of this lunch cooler is exceptional and perfect for those who carry a lot of drinks with their food.

As for the performance, Klein’s lunch box can keep your meals and drinks cool for about 30 hours, more than enough for daily use. The first that caught our attention in this lunch cooler is its incredible weight capacity, yes you hear that right the weight capacity. This means not only it can carry your lunch but you can also use this as a sitting place, it can bear up to 300lbs easily.

The rust-free design further adds to its durability and with the storage capacity of up to 30 hours, this is the best lunch cooler for construction workers. The lid of its interior compartment opens to full 180 degrees hence providing ease of use and you can also use the inner compartment to keep your phone, medicines, and small items separate from the lunch.

While the body and overall construction of the lunch cooler are sturdy but we didn’t like the quality of straps. The joining point of strap and lunch cooler is a common point of failure.

In comparison with other lunch coolers, its only downside remains the weak and unreliable straps. That’s something which we have not seen in other products. Overall, it has the potential to be the perfect lunch cooler if straps are sturdy and durable.

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze

arctic zone titan deep review

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler features radiant heat barrier technology, which redirects the heat and keeps your meal cold. The Artic Zone Cooler can effectively keep your food cool throughout the day, even if you are working for longer hours.

It features patented flip-open design and looks much similar to a toolbox. So, we can say that it is a lunch box combo. We find the color of the lunch cooler quite attractive as well and it gives macho look, so you feel good while carrying this lunch cooler.

The inner side of this cooler includes a robust body and it is FDA approved and materials are safe for food. The inner lining also prevents bacteria and mildew. Due to the unique inner design, this lunch cooler is simple to clean and leak-proof as well.

The body of this lunch cooler features “Rhino Tech” material which is scratch and puncture resistant. At the front, there is a large pocket to hold essentials such as condiments and utensils. There is also a small pocket in which you can carry small stuff such as keys, wallet, or pocket knife. The adjustable straps make it simple to carry for most people and the quality of the straps is also top-notch.

As for the downside of this lunch cooler, we find that straps can be short for big guys. Overall construction is rugged for normal uses but in our opinion, it may not be suitable for harsh usages. So, take extra care while using this lunch cool.

This lunch has every feature that we witnessed in other products on this list. But as compared to Klein and Igloo BMX series this lunch is behind due to the overall construction, design, and inability to survive rough usage. But as for the price, it is the most affordable lunch cooler.

Stanley Adventure Cooler

stanley adventure cooler review

If you are only looking for a small lunch cooler to keep your meal, this Stanley Adventure Cooler can be a nice choice. It has some convenient features that forced us to include this lunch cooler on our list. Let’s take a look at those features.

Stanley’s adventure 16-quart lunch cooler offers satisfactory performance and durability to meet your toughest demands. With its leak-resistant design, strong latches and hinges the product are highly durable. It can hold 21 cans and keep them cold for about 27 hours.

The body of the cooler is made from plastic, and there are several choices of colors available. It also features a lid that you can use as an eating surface. So if you are looking a cooler to carry ice this can be a good change. The included thermos keeps for drinks either hot or cold. The cooler is simple to use and opening or closing is hassle-free. So, full marks for ease of use.

The size is neither too big nor too short, perfect to carry meals on construction or any workplace. It is spacious and with this cooler, you can carry all your meal/stuff in a single trip, no countless trips back and forth.

Now, the main issue with this lunch remains its quality of construction and quality of materials used in manufacturing. In our opinion, the quality of the materials could have been much better. The other thing that requires major improvement is the plastic of handle. The handle is too weak to sustain rugged usage.

Overall it is a nice product for the price but it lacks as compared to other premium lunch coolers like Klein and Igloo’s BMX series. The main downfall remains its quality and durability but keep in mind that this Stanley Adventure Cooler is much more economical than other coolers on this list.

Igloo Quantum 12 

best cooler for constructions workers

The Igloo Quantum 12 Quart is one of the best lunch coolers available in the market. Its perfect size and unique design allow you to pack your lunch easily. Not only this you can also take this cooler on your road trips. It can accommodate everything that you will need for your trip.

It also features a convenient storage compartment in the lid to keep your small stuff such as your wallet, keys, cell phone, and any other similar item.  The other that we only find in this lunch box are the two built-in cup holders placed into the lid to secure your beverages. This is something that you will not find in the majority of the lunch coolers.

The inner side of this lunch cooler features built-in pouring channels that allow for smooth purging of ice and water in case there is any spill. The molded loops on inner liners are also useful.

To protect your food from sun damages, the exterior of this lunch cooler features Cool Riser Technology that prevents the body from hot surfaces and temperatures. The overall construction both the inner side and outer side is reliable and long-lasting. The vertical design of this lunch cooler allows it to carry longnecks bottles easily.

We did not find any major downside in this lunch cooler except for the handle. The strength of the handle could have been better. When it is packed the handle is unable to support the weight of the cooler is not handled with extra care.

In comparison with other lunch coolers, this Igloo Quantum 12 Quart sandstone has everything that you will expect from the best lunch cooler for construction uses.

Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch Bag

Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch Bag for Men review

If you want a regular-sized lunch cooler that can easily carry 2 meals, then OPUX Insulated Lunch Cooler is our recommendation. The first notable feature of this lunch bag is that it is effortless to carry due to the included shoulder strap which we find very much comfortable.

This lunch cooler/bag is perfect for both kids and adults as it features exceptional light-weight design. The inner part of this insulated lunch bag features PEVA lining which helps in maintaining the appropriate temperature for your food. The linings are also well-crafted and make the bag leak-proof.

As for the capacity, it can easily carry more than two meals, so space is enough. Along with your two meals you can also carry six-packs of sodas. It also features mesh pockets to carry water bottles and other small items such as napkins, utensils, tissues, etc.

The exterior of this insulated lunch bag features Nylon and 600D polyester fabric. Both the fabrics are durable and sturdy and will serve you for years.

Overall it is a handy lunch bag that can be used for several purposes. As far as the drawbacks are concerned, we found out that the zippers of the bad should have been much tighter. Other than this it is a well-crafted lunch bag for construction workers and kids.

What we have seen in other lunch coolers on this list, this Insulated lunch bag is quite affordable, easy to carry and perfect for all types of rugged uses.

Factors to consider before buying the best Lunch Cooler for construction workers

These are some vital factors that you must consider before purchasing the lunch cooler for construction workers.


Generally, Lunch coolers are of two types.

The majority of coolers are made office or school use. These lunch coolers normally have limited space and these are perfect for normal use and normal lunch.

On the other hand, a large size lunch cooler is best for construction workers. It should have enough room to store more than one meal and all the drinks that are needed throughout the day.


Nothing can be worse than finding out that your lunch is squashed or your drinks have busted. So, opt for the one that has solid walls or a robust inner shell to survive the knocks and scrapes. The cooler that you are about to purchase should be sealed and airtight so that it can prevent your lunch from the dust and other particles of the construction site.

Cooling Time

Pick a lunch cooler that can hold one ice pack. All the lunch coolers that we’ve reviewed above can accommodate at least one ice pack. If your cooler cannot accommodate the ice pack you can put the cooler in the refrigerator overnight (with the open lid).

Mostly cooler come with ice packs if it does not have this feature you can buy it separately.


The topmost priority in a cooler for a construction worker is its durability. The cooler will be kicked, dropped and knocked on the construction site. So, it should be durable enough to withstand the beating without denting or breaking.


The working environment on construction sites is demanding and requires hard efforts. Thus a healthy and full diet is necessary apart from it your lunch should have enough space to accommodate few snacks along with regular meals.


Another factor to consider is the waterproofness of the lunch cooler. No one eats fried food for lunch every day and we need some sauce, curry or soup with regular meals as well. That’s where the waterproofness of the lunch cooler is essential.

Insulation Features

Almost all the construction workers leave early in the morning, so we would like to recommend that opt for a cooler that can maintain the temperature of your food for long hours.


In a construction site or place, it’s quite obvious that your cooler will be exposed to harbor dirt, dust or even cement, so it will be wise to look out for the lunch cooler that is stain-resistant and is simple to clean or wash.

Hard Walled Vs Soft Walled

In our opinion, a hard-walled lunch cooler is much more suitable for construction workers as it is robust and highly durable than the soft walled cooler. You can use it as a sitting place if your construction site does not have any separate room for lunch.

Conversely, a soft walled lunch cooler is best if your workplace has a separate area for lunch and you can easily place your lunch cooler there. In soft walled cooler, insulation is better than the hard-walled coolers. They have more storage sections and these boxes are foldable after the use.

Anti-Bacterial Features

Most of the Lunch coolers are anti-bacterial and protect your meals from reaching high temperatures. Being said that, some lunch coolers have anti-bacterial features and keep your food protected from bacteria and other similar elements.


How long will lunch meat last in a cooler

Below is a general guideline for keeping meat in a cooler and written with an assumption that your lunch cooler is cold.

For Fish, poultry items, and meat: These all are extremely perishable and possibly hazardous if not treated properly. All these items should not be kept in cooler for more than a day.

Steaks and chops: You can keep steaks and chops for three or four days in cold temperature in your cooler.

Cured bacon and lunch meat: The preserved nature of both these types of meat will keep them healthy longer than the other type of meats. You can place them in a cold cooler for a week.

How to pack a lunch cooler?

Here are some tips to pack a lunch cooler:

Cooler packing tips

  • Start Packing directly from the refrigerator in the cooler. First, pack the cold food. You can also pack beverages like Juice in the frozen state. These frozen beverages will keep the other stuff cool.
  • Keep cooked meat separately from the items that you will eat raw.
  • Remember that full and packed cooler stays colder than the cooler that is partially filled.
  • Pack your lunch cooler by using ice or you can also use frozen juice boxes or frozen bottles. Ice blocks survive longer than ice cubes.
  • The container for beverages should be sealed and closed tightly so that melting ice cannot mix with other items.
  • If the lunch cooler is not full, you can use ice to fill it completely.
  • And If possible place the cooler in the car, not in the trunk.
  • Also If traveling in hot conditions put a bath towel on cooler for better insulation.
  • Don’t open the cooler regularly and after using it close the lid tightly.

How long do insulated bags keep food cold?

Generally, the insulated bags keep the food cold up to 3 to 5 hours. But this also depends on the qualities of the insulated bag. To know the exact duration, check the bag’s specs and manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard.

What to put in a lunch box for adults?

Due to the demanding nature of the work, construction workers require a meal which is three times healthy as compared to the person who is working on the desk and relaxed environment. A healthy lunch that is energy-producing should be placed in the lunch box of adults. Apart from lunch, there are some other useful items that you can put in the box for adults:

Necessary Utensils

Whether you are having lunch alone or with your colleagues, utensils are limited at every workplace. So always carry some necessary utensils in your lunch box.

High Protein Meals

Things like subs and sandwiches on fresh bread like rolls or wraps contain many proteins and their taste is also delicious. High protein meals give strength and power and keep you fully charge throughout the day.

High Protein Snacks

Snacks like smoked sausage also contain protein and give you needed strength. For this purpose, a handful of nuts are excellent choices during a break which you can have with your regular meal or you can have it in a tea break.

Fresh Fruits and Salads

Healthy fruits and vegetables like apples, celery, carrots and more offer energy with a delicious taste. Also, these items are necessary for good health. So you can have these with your regular food.

Miscellaneous Lunch Box Items

Remember to carry items like napkins, hand wipes, and toothpicks in your lunch box. These are not must-have items but for sure these will make your lunch much more convenient.

How to pack milk in the lunch box?

Many of us enjoy drinking milk in our daily routine and also like to take it with us at the office or school. To pack the milk in the box, ensure that is cold enough but not frozen. You can also use an icepack in a box and then place the milk container on top of it. This way the milk will remain cold. Keep the milk between the icepack and other items, this will insulate it. If there are other cold food items such as puddings or fruit bowls, place them around the milk container.


Getting the best lunch cooler for construction workers is essential and mostly depends on your needs.

Many people prefer a hard lunch cooler that keeps the lunch safe and also allows them to use the cooler as a sitting place or lunch seat. Some people want a large cooler that can accommodate more than two or three meals and also maintains the temperature of the food items.

Whatever the case is ensure that you buy the one that can effectively preserve your food and once you start using these lunch coolers we guarantee that you will not like to eat those hot soggy sandwiches.