Home Depot Is Bringing Back Its Best Holiday Decoration

By Joseph Farago | 5 days ago

home depot

It’s never too early to prepare for Halloween. One of Home Depot’s most revered Halloween decorations this year is returning to nationwide stores. The company’s Twitter account started teasing the release of the renowned 12-foot skeleton with cryptic messages about the product. Though the tweet’s wording was relatively vague, the added skeleton emoji gave the surprise away about the upcoming Halloween release.

Home Depot’s massive skeleton is one of its biggest hits, and customers flock to the store to purchase it before its inventory is wiped. Its stature, size, and detail have made it an internet sensation, with viral tweets and Instagram posts circulating every Halloween about the Home Depot decoration. Last year, the skeleton sold out within days of its release, despite its pricey nature. At nearly $300, the Home Depot skeleton is probably the most expensive Halloween decoration on the market.

The home improvement retail corporation is most known for its tools, lumber, and construction products. But since it dropped the 12-foot skeleton, Home Depot has been the go-to place for Halloween decorations. The massive number of tweets around the skeleton has made the product unforgettable. Some tweets explored the difficulty of transporting the decoration from the store, with images of people cramming the loose skeleton into their backseat. Other tweets expressed deep gratitude and longing for the humungous skeleton, wishing for the Halloween product for their birthday, engagement, or on their wedding registry. Now, the gigantic decoration is back in Home Depot stores, alongside a surprising new addition.

Alongside Home Depot returning its beloved 12-foot skeleton to its stores, another massive skeleton has also been released. The Inferno Pumpkin skeleton, another 12-footer, is now available for purchase. It’s precisely like its skeleton brother, except for its round, orange pumpkin head. The body is also slightly different than the original, with limbs decorated in vines to resemble a pumpkin’s stem. Like its predecessor, the Inferno Pumpkin has Life Eyes technology, which is LED lights that make its eyes look like they’re alive and moving. The Inferno Pumpkin skeleton is slightly more pricey than the original, clocking in at $379.

Though the two skeletons have only been on the market for a day, it might not take long for the two spooky products to sell out. The Inferno Pumpkin version may take longer to sell due to its price, but Home Depot buyers are loyal to the 12-foot skeleton concept, which might make the pumpkin model just as coveted. Make sure you purchase them fast because new skeleton inventory won’t come again until fall 2023. Home Depot definitely didn’t expect its chaotically large Halloween products to be such a big hit, but now they’re one of the most desired skeletons on the market.

Home Depot may be the premier place to buy wood for DIY shelves or planters for your garden, but there’s more to this home renovation store than meets the eye. If you’re struggling to find quality Halloween decorations this year, these 12-foot skeleton brothers will surely make you the talk of the neighborhood.