Google Planning A New Home Page That Uses ChatGPT

Google is revamping its search engine interface to resemble ChatGPT; it is calling its version Apprentice Bard.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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Google is planning to revamp its homepage to resemble ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence program designed by OpenAI has recently been released, and people are going crazy for it. The tech giant recognizes the potential of the tool as it has invested in it and is now combining search with ChatGPT. The new AI is proving to be exciting and useful in many professional areas like real estate and even education.

In addition to redesigning the homepage, Google will implement the actual AI in the search function. Google has created its own version of a chatbot called Apprentice Bard. Unlike ChatGPT it has knowledge of world events after 2021. 

When interviewed recently, Apprentice Bard told engineers that Google will not lay off any more workers after this round. The AI made the conclusion that because Google is doing well financially, it will not have to lay off people. (We’ll see if it’s right). AI has been writing code, creating art, and now giving predictions. Will AI take over jobs that humans hold? That is a bit of a fear, right now. At first, it sounded silly, but we need to look at AI as a tool and work with it. 

Google is terming the project “Code Red” as it is concerned with ChatGPT’s potential to surpass Google as a search engine. Google engineers are racing to test ChatGPT’s rivals against its new AI search tool, “Apprentice Bard.” Engineers are trying to incorporate Apprentice Bard’s “intelligence” on its new homepage. 

Google has been racing to get its own version of an AI tool even since ChatGPT was presented by Microsoft who recently purchased it. Google engineers brought up the fact that ChatGPT could easily overpower Google’s search function. However, Google’s leadership is concerned that its reputation could be in jeopardy if its AI gives incorrect information. 

Google has reportedly prioritized Apprentice Bard over all other projects and has said that some folks involved in the project do not have to spend time attending nonessential meetings. Reportedly, Apprentice Bard closely resembles ChatGPT with a question-and-answer format. Once they get an answer, they must give feedback on the response. This is how the AI “learns.” Apprentice Bard does seem to have answers to recent events. This is where ChatGPT fails. 

The potential new homepage Google is designing is similar to how ChatGPT works in that a question is entered and results show up under the search bar. The results are much more human-like in nature. Under the answers, the page suggests more questions related to the first one. Then typical search results are shown including links and headlines. 

Google says it has been focused on developing AI to help improve the lives of people. In addition, it says it believes that AI is foundational and transformative technology. Google is focused on broad impacts on how AI can improve communities and businesses. In one early iteration, a ChatGPT recently explained to a user how to commit crimes. Although there are many restraints within the AI that prevent it from talking about certain things, users found that by just rephrasing a question, they could get the AI to talk about how to break the law and does so very graphically.