The Fun New Feature You Can Access With Your Android Phone

Samsung's Z Flip 4's Flex mode is a fun new feature that Android users can take advantage of.

By Crystal Murdock | Published

Although many consumers have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Apple iPhone 14, the latest gadget to hit tech news is the new Samsung Android Z Flip 4’s Flex mode. This trendy functionality splits apps that are compatible between the top and bottom sections of the screen when folded in a halfway position. The coolest feature of all with the Samsung Android Z Flip 4’s flex mode is the top half of the screen serves as a viewfinder for the camera function, while the bottom half displays a shutter button, allowing consumers to take photos while able to send candid responses without having to open the phone. 

CNet has provided the latest buzz on all the upcoming Samsung Android and Apple iPhone gadgets and what options separate the two from one another. Both the Android and Apple products have the same end goal and that is to make the apps more user-friendly and useful for day-to-day functionality for consumers. Both phone-makers are helping to change the way we interact with our phones but in a much different way. Android is making huge changes to the physical shape of the smartphone with the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip line of foldable products. Apple is once again transforming the iPhone’s software compatibility with the upcoming release of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max phone products. 

During a “Far Out” event this past Wednesday, Apple revealed the iPhone 14 Pro, and it stood out from the rest with new features referred to as “Dynamic Island” based on the redesigned notch area. Basically, it has a cutout for the front camera and Face ID sensors that have been repurposed by Apple as a secondary miniature display that allows for notifications and other content. The purpose of Dynamic Island is to provide consumers with faster multitasking options on the iPhone.

In contrast, Android is focused more on the ability to open multiple apps at one time on one screen, Apple’s functionality is primarily to expand and contract to show contextual information. Samsung’s Android foldable phones and Apple’s iPhone 14 Pros Dynamic Island are very different but both are providing ease for consumers in how they interact with the various apps on the phones. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4

So what is a common thread between the Samsung Android Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold compared to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island? Both products have made changes to the way apps are displayed on the phone screens making all the new product lines more adaptable based on each consumer’s situation and need for functionality. The iPhone’s new replacement notch pins information from certain apps to the top of your screen and is able to morph according to what the consumer is currently doing. Samsung’s Android-OS foldable products allow consumers to change the position and size of the phone and the apps being used to best align with potential different scenarios.

Consumers typically are divided and passionate about whether they are die-hard Android or Apple users. However, with all of the latest updates to both products, all phone consumers, regardless of the brand name, have something to be excited about.