The Number One Thing Employers Look For In Perspective Employees Right Now

The number one trait that employers look for in employees is self-awareness, according to one ex-Google VP.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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Employers are in an interesting spot these days. They need to hire stellar workers, but at the same time, employees have their choice of where to work and the culture they want. Therefore, workers need not only be on top of their game, employees have to know what employers are looking for. And right now, that’s self-awareness.

Knowledge workers have always been in high demand, but how to choose the best candidate for the job is quite the task. One ex-Google VP says she believes in the power of self-awareness and looks for those who have it.

According to CNBC, an ex-VP at Google for 10 years says that she knows that when an employee is self-aware, they know they are not unflappable and still have things to learn. This means they know they still have room to grow. And, according to a Google C-Suite member, employers who know this and can hire to it, will come out on top. 

With self-awareness being a top trait for hiring, employers need to look for self-aware candidates. The best way to find self-aware employees is by asking the right questions in interviews and reference checks. They also know how to bring up salary at an appropriate time. 

Questions that can help determine if someone is self-aware include:

• What have you done to increase your self-awareness?

• Describe a time when you had difficulty accepting feedback or criticism?

• How do you handle change in the workplace?

• Are there any areas of professional growth that you want to work on this year?

By digging deep, employers can be sure they are getting an employee who is self-aware, which will ultimately give them a leg up when it comes to hiring. 

Self-awareness is a skill that can be developed, so employers can rest assured that self-aware employees will continue to grow and meet the needs of their job.

So, when it comes to hiring for the modern workplace, self-awareness should be at the top of the list for employers. It’s a trait that has been proven to lead to success in an employee and drive innovation in any workplace setting.  

Employers, themselves who are self-aware often make better decisions and hire better people, leading to higher retention rates and more successful businesses overall.   

Self-aware employees have the ability not only to help companies succeed but also contribute in ways they may not have imagined before. With self-awareness as one of their key traits, employees will be more apt to be empathetic and know when they don’t know something. They will perform stronger for their employer.

Interestingly, 95% of people believe they are self-aware, however, only 10-15% are. The Google VP says that if folks use the word “I” too much without giving credit to team members, they more than likely are not self-aware.