Electric Vehicles Better Than Gas-Powered Ones? 

The pros of electric vehicle ownership in the United States are starting to outweigh the cons due to more government-led legislation building out the infrastructure to better support EVs.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

The rush to own electric vehicles is on! And as more charging stations are added to parking lots across the nation and gas prices continue to rise, and fall again, the cost of electric vehicles is starting to look like an excellent investment. Although electric vehicles do tend to run on the pricier side, proponents, and fans across the world, can’t help but sing their praises and believe that the time has come for EVs to shine. 

In a recent article published on Autotrader, the pros far outweigh the cons of electric vehicle ownership. Among the obvious reasons such as going greener for a healthier lifestyle to battle climate change, they are fun to drive. Who knew?

The First Electric Vehicles

Ever since the advent of the Prius in 1997, which was among the first hybrid cars, has anyone been so astonished as to how quiet electric vehicles are? When the world was first getting used to them, folks would be annoyed as to how quiet they were it was easier to get hurt in a car versus pedestrian situation. 

However, at the time, most of the world was not used to a vehicle, electric or otherwise, that was so quiet. We’ve all gotten a little more accustomed to how they work and now, we all want one. More importantly, one day we will all have to have one (if we want to buy new cars, that is). 

Just More Fun

Rivian electric vehicles cars
Left: Tesla Model X, Right: Rivian R1S

Electric vehicle owners say that owning one is just plain fun. They give a smooth ride and interestingly, they are fast. They are easy to maneuver and as far as going from 0-60 in Kia’s newest electric version, you can do that in about 3.5 seconds. 

What’s more fun than saving money and not having to buy gas? Hearts break every time the gas pump gives the total. It just feels like throwing money away. In recent news that Tell Me Best published, the oil giant, BP partnered with Hertz to develop and manage a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the US. At one time it would’ve been unheard of for an oil company to give any type of support to electric vehicles. But, the industry knows what’s ahead. 

The Naysayers

Although some critics say that electric vehicles are too new, that they are complicated, and that they just don’t perform, experts report that those comments are overblown. 

Although Electrify America, a company that manages electric vehicle charging states across the nation decided to change the names of the “pumps” to more closely resemble what gas-run stations currently have, but instead ended up confusing everyone, it’s clear that EVs will soon outnumber gas guzzlers. 

It’s clear that batteries are not causing more fires, chargers are within driving distance, and getting them updated and “fixed” is not really a big deal. So, embrace the electric lifestyle and get a charge out of life!