Customers Are Furious With Dunkin’ Donuts New Rewards Program

Dunkin Donuts changed its program to DD Perks but it has customers furious with fewer points awarded and more points needed to get free drinks.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

Dunkin’ Donuts has recently released a new reward program that the company named, Dunkin’ Rewards. The new rewards program has a new point system, members-only exclusives, and other new features. Despite the upgrades and new additions, some customers are not happy with the changes because the most beloved drinks are adding up to cost more points than before.

The company’s new program was created in response to member feedback regarding their old rewards program, DD Perks. Dunkin’ Donuts found that their reward members were ultimately looking for three things in a new and improved program. Members were looking for recognition, variety, and flexibility.

With those three key things in mind, Dunkin’ Donuts rolled out its new program. The company took feedback from its members and solved the key problems that were presented. Through the launch of Dunkin’ Rewards, the company hoped to continue serving its most loyal customers in the best way possible and to attract more customers through the perks of the program.

The new program features a new point system where every dollar spent equals ten points, in comparison to the previous point system of five points earned for every dollar spent. Dunkin’ Donuts members can also now use their points towards food items whereas, in the past, they could only be used toward drinks. Additionally, there is a new feature that gives access to exclusive levels of rewards to their most loyal customers. 

With all the new perks and benefits, Dunkin’ Donuts customers are still left unsatisfied. Some of the most desirable drinks are costing a high number of points, up to 900. With the old rewards program, members were able to get their favorite drinks, without any restriction, at just 200 points.

Dunkin’ Donuts rewards members have taken to social media to voice their opinions and even make a plea for the company to keep DD Perks. Some of the members have mentioned that they thought the old point system was “a million times better.” Others co-signed, adding questions as to why the need to fix something that wasn’t broken, with reference to the old system, DD Perks. 

While the intention of the new program created by Dunkin’ Donuts was to meet the needs of the company’s members and ultimately leave them more satisfied than before, it seems they may have done the exact opposite. Members are clearly not happy and all the posts on social media are coming in huge waves. With such a huge reaction from members, there is anticipation to see what the company will do to counter. 

In response to the feedback, Dunkin’ Donuts president, Scott Murphy stood behind the program and insisted that the loyal members would reap more benefits in the long run. He even concluded that with the loyalty tier structure that was created, some drinks would equal out to a better value they are normally. Murphy seems sure of the new program as he continues to reassure members of the benefits and rewards, as the program was designed with them in mind.