Double Kiss in Pool

By Asad | 9 months ago

For an advanced player a double kiss in the pool can be a game-changer for a beginner it is something the player has repeatedly seen but still does not know the marvels of this shot.

So what is a double kiss in the pool. The phenomenon happens when the cue ball hits the object ball twice in a shot. It is most like to happen near the pockets or on the bank shots and is not an illegal shot.

For advanced players, they play an intentional double kiss to their advantage and often to avoid scratches or to place the opponents into a mess of snooker. For beginners, a double kiss shot is mostly unintentional.

It is hard to predict where the object ball and the cue ball would go after the double kiss because the point of the second impact and the new line of movement of the cue and object ball is hard to calculate in the mind. Therefore, if you are a beginner then you will most likely play the double kiss shot without calculating the end result accurately.

For advanced players, a double kiss is an opportunity to either clean the table or to place the opponents into a tight corner.

The speed at which the double kiss is played can actually have big impact on the dispersion of the balls on the table. For the beginners, it is advisable to play the double kiss slowly because it is less likely to put you into trouble because at low speed it is more likely that the balls will not cover the big distance on the table and you are more likely to be safe rather than being in trouble because of the double kiss.


Sometimes the double kiss looks inevitable, advanced players can put the left or right English on the cue ball and avoid the double kiss. However, for beginners the control over the Englishes is quite difficult. A pool cue with bigger tip  can impart lesser English but just enough for most situations that can put you out of trouble.

But it takes time to practice the how much side to put onto the cue ball. Also if you are consistently playing on different tables then the cloth quality can also have an impact on the amount of English. Therefore, for consistent results, try to play on the same table with the same pool sticks so that you can experience the consistent results and master the concept of sides on the cue ball.