Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Review


Cuisinart has done it again with a newer stronger and a quieter masterpiece. The 14-cup food processor has a new leader in the name of DFP-14BCWNY 14-cup Food Processor. With 14 cup capacity, it has loads of room and its strong build ensures smooth chopping, grinding and blending. It has a beautiful design and would look elegant on your kitchen counter.

If you are still using a knife to do chopping work then do you know you can save over 90% of your chopping time? Usually, a recipe which takes 90 minutes in total to cook can be shortened to 1/3 of its time? Yes, its possible why not give this food processor a try. It won’t dance around like other food processors vibration but rather sits quietly and does its job. You can do the bulk of your cooking with this machine. From garlic to tough nuts like cashews it can chop anything.


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Cuisinart has placed prime importance on the safety of its customer. They have combined safety with efficiency like the feed tube has a wide mouth so you can put in large vegetables like a cabbage in there comfortably but also they made the tube long so your safety is not compromised.


Another plus point is the small tubes where you can pour in liquid like water or oil to add fluid into your mix. E.g while making Hummus you can insert water from the smaller tubes.


In addition, to its 7 prep food production, it can also knead the dough. Your cooking tasks for kneading, chopping, shredding, emulsifying, slicing, puree will be taken over by this lad.


Well absolutely not, it’s not rocket science you can comfortably set the machine in order to perform your cooking work. Its assorted interlocks are not complex in fact most people easily compile the machine in their first go. If you have been a knife chopping fan and looking to buy this great food processor for the first time please do not worry the first time will be a learning experience and won’t take you a long time. The second time you would be a master already.
Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY 14 cup food processor



It comes up with stainless steel blades, slicing and shredding discs with a strong build. The best part is over the decades they have refined the design with such precision that very low residue or chopped up leftovers are stuck in blades or discs.

Also If you like to get things arranged properly after the job is done then you can also buy these disc and blade holders (enter anchor text here) also.

Click to see Disc Holder/Blader + Disc Holder Box


People who have bought this unit have acknowledged that it has the ability to evenly slice your vegetables. Like for pizza you can cut even looking peppers and make your recipe
beautiful and delicious.

Cabbage, onion or garlic can be chopped with this machine.
Making Hummus or almond butter, mincing meat for meatballs, pesto, grinding dates, graham crackers, pizza dough or pie dough it can do this all.


It comes along with a small spatula, recipe book and the user manual.


If you want to know how to work Cuisinart food processor then this below video will help you understand on how to use 14 cup Cuisinart food processor.


If you have used former models of the same food processor there is a slight design change with the chute on the back buts it’s not overshadowed by the straightforward assembly of this 14 cup food processor.

SealTight Technology is not included in this machine


In sum, heavy duty quiet motor with 5 years warranty, strong stainless steel build, precision in cutting and mixing new beautiful design, safety and efficiency optimized this masterpiece 14 cup food processor model number DFP-14BCWNY with 3-year full machine warranty is an economical and intelligent choice. It would be a decision you would cherish for a long time. Click here to get the current price.

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