The Best Food Processors For All Budget Ranges

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We have done the hard work and compiled the 10 Best Food Processors available for purchase online. More and more people are making their life easier with kitchen accessories. Food processors have been part of kitchens for decades.  Along with the recommendation to buy Cuisinart Food processor with best features we have also reviewed a wide variety of food processors. In the past food, processors were quite expensive but history has changed with the advent of many competing companies. Now food processors are available from $30 to $350.

This page is the result of dedicated and constant research. From 2 cups to 14 cups i.e. mini food processor to largely sized food processors this page ensures that you select the best allowed by your budget.


If you are not in a hurry and are willing to take your decision with proper research then carry on reading. Below is a detailed overview of the best food processors available in the market. However, if you are in hurry scroll down to next section and get the verdict.

In order to finalize which model you want to buy consider the following items.

The Cup Size: What is the capacity, is it too large or too small for you? A big capacity food processor can actually be a good investment for the future.

Accessories: What accessories the product comes with i.e. the blades and discs. Do I really need all the fancy blades or I will actually use these blades and experiment in the kitchen.

Motor: How powerful is the motor? How much warranty is given by the company? Will it be able to handle low density to high-density materials? Usually, inexpensive food processors succumb to high density or tough food items.

Noise: How noisy is the machine? Are people complaining about it? If you have a baby at home under 3 then you should not compromise on the noise level.

Selling: How much is the machine actually selling? The more a food processor is purchased the better track record it has. See this food processor it has great sales.

Warranty: How much is motor and machine warranty? The motor is the heart of any food processor. If it burns out then you have lost the heart of the machine. A higher motor warranty is a huge plus point. Some machines even come with 25-year motor warranty. Machine warranty usually varies from 1 to 3 years. It all depends on your budget and preference.

Let’s check the best food processors out there.


If you are in a hassle and need to take a quick decision? Then these three are the best from large to mini food processors. Answer these questions in your mind and go ahead with the purchase.

Are you a foodie nerd or an amateur chef or you have a family more than 4 people + pet? Are you looking for a durable machine? Are you looking for quite low noisy food processor? Are you looking for versatility? Are you looking for the complete package? Then go ahead and buy Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY.

Are you a small family of 4 people including a pet? Do you need a dough specialist food processor? Do you have medium height kitchen counter? Then consider  Cuisinart DLC-10SY.

Are you living alone? Can you compromise on noise? Are you on a budget? Can you buy a new unit every year which is priced very low? Then consider buying Cuisinart DLC-2ABC which is a 3 cup mini food processor.

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From the list of all Cuisinart 14 cup food processor model, DFP-14BCNY stands above all. It is strongly built and works quietly. The overall performance and surge in getting sales DFP-14BCNY are predicted to get ahead of the Breville Souc Chef. In comparison with its performance and reasonable cost, we rate it as the best food processor.

Less dense like corn soup, medium dense like hummus or high dense like kneading the dough. This model can do all without motor being overloaded. The 720-watt motor will be able to get the tough nuts like cashews into a paste within seconds.  The 14-cup capacity helps you to get a big family dinner ready in a single session with this machine. Even if you have a restaurant and want a durable yet affordable machine then target Cuisinart food processor.

It stands just over 14 inches and has a stable base that will not wobble when in use. The large feed tube ensures that no pre-cutting is required and the best part is the SealTight technology. Nothing will escape once it gets inside this model.

In comparison to other models, its safety is a bit more sophisticated to the likes of Breville, Hamilton or Braun but the good news is you will get better from your second time. It comes up with slicing and shredding disc and a chopping blade. They are made of stainless steel and machine is dishwasher friendly apart from the base which is encasing of the motor. It is an interesting point that other models reviewed on the page come with more blades but Cuisinart has played it smart by making blades which are able to do the same job.

It comes with recipe guide, spatula. The 7 functions ability will make your life much more simpler and better. Shown confidence by 5 years motor and 3 years machine warranty is much more than 1-year warranty provided by the competitors. With Cuisinart proven track record over the decades, it will be a smart decision to buy 14 cups DFP-14BCNY Cuisinart Professional food processor.  The model has crossed over 500 reviews from actual buyers head over to product Amazon page and read customer reviews as well.


If you are a creative chef and looking to do a bunch of experiments in your laboratory i.e. kitchen then the good news is Braun FP3020 comes with tons of blades and options to carry them out. The wide range of accessories and the powerful yet quiet motor has allowed this food processor to be on our list of Best Food Processors of 2017.

The 600watt motor though lesser than Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY by 120 watts is actually very quiet and has electronic circuit based speed control chip embedded. Given the versatility with its tons of attachments it can be a negative point as well. Most of the chefs hardly use all the attachments that come along. Braun does not allow to buy this model with the choice of attachments. Hence you have to pay for what you might never use. This is one point where Cuisinart took a massive leap in the race with Braun FP3020.

It comes with a reasonable bowl capacity of 12 cups marking it as a mid-size food processor.  Although it’s not difficult to clean but users have also complained about the hidden crevices where it is hard for the even dishwasher to reach at times. Make sure you clean this model quickly after you are done with chores. It would be a smart idea to add a bit of lemon juice so difficult to reach areas don’t become smelly later on.

Braun provides a slim 1-year warranty with this product. The only thing which covers this lapse is the fact that not many people have reviewed this product negatively. Click here  to check what people say about it and see why we enlisted it into 10 Best Food Processors.


Sleek and Elegantly designed the 1200-watts motor  Breville BFP800XL is a beast. Its priced almost double than the best food processor here as it provides 480 watts more power than Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY  and also more than the Braun FP3020. But the main question is do you really need this much power when the Cuisinart 14 cup food processor is able to handle thickest of the food items?

In this list of 10 Best 2017 Food Processors, it is only one with a 16-cup food processor. Bigger in capacity by 2 cups to DFP-14BCNY and 4 cups to Braun FP3020 quick. This indicates you can get a big reunion supper inside this bowl in no time. But it also means most of the time this extra space would go unutilized. But if you are a looking to buy this for a restaurant then it would be a better choice than to buy Cuisinart food processor.

Breville loves to keep its accessories organized that is they also give the blades box along. Blades are 8 in number. They will do wide variety of tasks and will give you comprehensive control on your kitchen chores. This although a plus point but also gets negative for the reason that it would be time taking each time to open up the lid and change the blades. A single blade or fewer blades like Cuisinart group of 3 which together become Jack of All Trades but they can also be master of none.

Breville provides a massive 25 years warranty with BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor. That’s quite a lot when compared to its competitor. But they provide only 1-year total machine warranty. Indicates that motor will remain even after your baby graduates from college but you would have to buy the parts like lids, pushers or blades in case you don’t take care of them consistently. Model is selling at quite a rapid pace on Amazon it might get out of stock like some food processors. Head over and check the lowest price being offered right now.


FP6010 comes with 800-watt powerful motor. Although other models of Cuisinart also comes with a variety of a number of bowls but in comparison with DFP-14BCNY, this model comes with choices of either 11 cup or a 4 cup bowl to work with. Like Breville,  Black+Decker also gives the storage box. Like cuisinart, it comes with 3 blades that will be able to do multi-tasking.

It comes with large feed tube so you are saved form pre-cutting. But beware although its prices are considerably less but its explained by some of the buyers complaining about the unprocessed food in every batch. That means often you would have to do multiple sessions with this food processor.

Safety is being taken too seriously by Black+Decker FP6010 and its compiling is even more time taking than Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY. But once again this is for user own benefit and you will get better with the passage of time.

With dishwasher cleaning ability and lightweight this model is quite handy. The 2-year warranty is better than some of the items in the list. Here check almost 100 reviews at Amazon which is an indication that the product is actually surging in the market.


This KitchenAid food processor comes in 8 different colors option. You can make your kitchen counter looking attention grabbing from a fancy Empire Red to a simple White version. The model is slightly less by 1 cup size to Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY but includes 2 bowls. A 13 cup bowl as the name indicates and another won with 4 bowls capacity. It has a variety of options and easily makes into the list of 10 Best Food Processors.

One big plus is it comes with ExactSlice system which means that you will be able to control from outside how much thickness slide you want. Like SealTight technology from Cuisinart, KitchenAid has its own patented technology called UltraTight. It ensures what gets inside only goes outside with your permission only.

It comes with a variety of blades slicing blade with ExactSlice system to get required thicknesses slices, shredding disc which goes in both clocks and counter-clockwise, a bonus dough blade, multipurpose blade, mini multipurpose blade. These blades and discs come in an accessory box. All blades can be controlled by simple touchpad buttons.

The machine comes with an only 1-year warranty which raises the doubts why KitchenAid does not have the confidence in their product like Cuisinart. In addition, people complain about the blade being worn out quicker than they should have. Head over to Amazon and read over 300 reviews on this product.


The 10-cup food processor not too big not too small. Its powered by 500-watts motor. The touchpad has on-off pulse function available. This model is 10 cup, 4 cups less than the best DFP-14BCNY Cuisinart Professional food processor and is quite less in weight. You can easily move it back and forth in the cabinet. The large feed mouth can save you from pre-cutting trouble but its worth noting that feed mouth is lesser than DFP-14BCNY.

70760 is less in weight and short in height so it can also set on your kitchen top comfortably. Its priced reasonably and does not come up with a variety of blades like Braun FP3020. One blade is basic while the other does the multi-purpose job of chopping, shredding, grating, and chopping.

Hamilton Beach 70760 is dishwasher safe but some users suggest that it goes out of order after a couple of years usage. However, a large number of people are happy with the unit performance. It’s a simple chopping machine and does not come up with a list of fancy options that mostly remains unutilized.

70760 is very inexpensive considering the other models on the list. It makes up into the list of the best food processor is a proof for those on a tight budget that you can accomplish a variety of tasks with it. A 500-watt motor and limited 1-year warranty along with some complains that the machine underperforms after a year raises some concern. But considering the overall utilization of machine and reasonable cost you should consider it. Head over to Amazon and read almost 500 reviews about it.


This machine has a small motor rated at 400-watts. It is a versatile machine along with it pitcher you will find two bowls as well. One bowl is 6 cup while the other is a 2 cup bowl. So apart from mixing and blending Ninja Master Prep QB900B can also do the job chopping, and mincing.

Its an entry level machine and is priced at a wonderfully low price. Its dishwasher safe along with its blades.  It has 4 blades and 6 blades switchable cutter sets. Both food processor bowl comes with their own lid.

If you are on a budget and looking to get a blender along with food processor. This machine is an excellent choice but it might not last enough as it’s not made to do so.  It only comes up with 1 year of warranty and it’s tremendously high considering the price and what this machine is able to do.  It has one of the best track record on Amazon you must check and buy if you are on a tight budget.


While Ninja Master Prep QB900B is an entry-level blender + food processor, Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL773CO is justified by the name Mega. It’s the best blender + Food processor combination. While the blender does all the tasks of crushing ice to food the food processor is also powered by the same 1500-watts massive motor.

It can make any kind of smoothie with 1500-watts of power but getting into a blender is not the prime concern of this article. What we can assure is that this is one of the best blenders out there. Exploring the food processing part of this Mega Kitchen System. The box contains slicing and shredding discs which are reversible which can be used for grating as well. It also comes up with dough, chopping and Nutri ninja blade. All three cups for food processing come with their own lids.

But here comes the cons, the big 1500-watts motor is quite noisy. Is quite heavy and will take quite a lot of space on your kitchen counter. It would be difficult to move this around in your kitchen. While you might be thinking that seal tight is an understood feature in all food processors well the bad news is this blender turned food processor is prone to leakage and food spilling.

The product is selling at quite a good pace on Amazon and has an 80% happy customer rate. Click here to check the product price. One thing to note is that the unit comes up with One year warranty which although is common among food processor but is certainly less than Cuisinart which provides 3 years limited machine warranty.


DLC-2ABC is an entry level mini food processor with a great track record and deserves a place in 10 Best Food Processors. We will do a brief review here. DLC-2ABC is a Cuisinart mini food processor. If you are living alone in an apartment and don’t have many parties at your home then target Cuisinart food processor.

It’s a good machine for chopping and grinding. The 250-watt motor is mid-level noisy. Do not be harsh on this by experimenting on hard density objects like dough. The 250-watt mini motor will succumb to overloading.

It comes with smart blade technology that means the single S blade can rotate in both directions. One direction chops while the other grinds the food. Because of its small size, the machine is very easy to clean even with the dishwasher. Its lightweight and easy to move around in your cabinet an kitchen counter.

It’s an entry level but a top level in the line of a best mini food processor.  Cuisinart is accustomed to giving huge warranties and even this small highly economical mini food processor comes with 3-year limited machine warranty. It’s selling like hot cake click here  to read more review on this mini but handy food processor.


DLC-10SY Cuisinart Food processor is a long racehorse and has made into list of 10 Best Food Processors. It’s economical and highly underrated. You might be surprised to know that at 7 cup capacity it provides almost all the features of 14 cup Cuisinart Professional Food Processor. Its available at a very reasonable price and its flat lid operation makes it accommodatable on your kitchen counter. It has been reviewed in detail here.

It has large feed tube like 14 cup DFP-14BCNY so you don’t need to do pre-cutting. Apart from S-shaped blade, 2 shredding slicing discs its comes with a bonus dough blade as well. Not all Cuisinart food processor comes along with an additional dough blade. It has to be bought separately.

It’s a low noise machine and its weight has been wrongly mentioned at Amazon as around 30 pounds in fact its much lighter than that and is only 14 pounds in weight.  It’s a dishwasher safe product and the plastic is BPA free. The touch pad is different from other models as it operates on paddle switch. So if you need a lightweight yet durable machine then you should target Cuisinart food processor.

Cuisinart provides 3 years limited machine and 5 years motor warranty with this product. It has great over all rating and is the best food processor in the mid-size category. Under $100 it is the best food processor from a reputable company. Never worry about your painful kitchen chores, Buy cuisinart food processor .


With above detail analysis, we expect that you are clear in your mind what are your preferences and what you actually want and should expect from your choice. We have tried to compile the pros and cons of the best food processor in simplest manner. We hope the above list made your decision making here. And yes here is the winner of the above food processors.