The Death Of Individuality And How To Revive It

Individuality is slowly dying, but people can let their individuality shine by acting upon their inner voice.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Updated


What makes you an individual? Where do you draw your creative inspiration from? When was the last time you consciously stood still and looked around?

Look around and begin to notice what’s around you. How many things are all the same color? Does nearly everyone have the same phone

I ask these questions to make you really pause and think. Turn your consciousness on. Break out of your standard cycle.


People and things are all starting to blend together, and individuality is lacking. Even most people’s schedules are the same or similar. Parents drop kids off at school or another childcare facility, work eight hours, come home, clean up, eat, and repeat. 

Looking at people’s Instagram, you will likely see a pattern lacking true individuality. Most feeds will showcase life events like birthdays, matching holiday pajamas, and the occasional cocktail on an island. When it comes down to it, it’s all the same. 

Modern day was recently called “The Age Of Average,” and we simply can’t stand for average. Cookie-cutter houses, basic design styles, overused makeup techniques, and generic everything are out of control. It’s time to really tune in and elevate the everyday.

ZeroHedge gave a thorough report on how things look the same. The article pointed out similarities in architecture, media, beauty standards, the industry, and seemingly everything. Although the world seems to have been zapped of authentic individuality, we can see identity blossom.

Why Is The World Plagued With A Lack of Individuality?


Answering the question of why everything looks the same could be answered in numerous ways. The answer really isn’t one single thing. Why things are the way they are, has many answers, all complex and interconnected.

One explanation is the modern-day grind has worn people out. Everyone is doing the bare minimum to get through the day-to-day. People are living unaware of the value to be alive and going through the motions.

Lots of people essentially do the same thing every day. The monotony can put people in this comfortable cruise control zone where they don’t really even think about what they are doing. In other words, people are operating on autopilot.  

Another factor as to why individuality is lacking may be fear. People fear rejection, so they stick to the known and accepted. Stripping away any protective layers and putting yourself in a vulnerable position is a scary thing to do.

What To Do In A World Where Everything Looks The Same?

First of all, forget everything else and really think about what you want. What do you really want your life to look like? What are the things, and who are the people that truly bring you fulfilling happiness?

Another way to reignite the spark of individuality and dive deeper is to ask yourself, “Why?” Why is blue your favorite color? Is it because it was your sister’s favorite color? Or does the color blue truly spark happiness within your soul?

The simple act of challenging something or questioning it, is enough to begin a change. Push the boundaries. Don’t be afraid to wonder, and imagine, and think, and allow your inner voice to come out.

Try This Exercise

Get something to write on and something to write with. Rub your hands together. Start rubbing slow and steady, and then faster — building heat.

Now clap your hands. Without putting any thought, pick up the pen and write. Okay, what did you write?

Did you write a single word or something longer? Is it something that you need more of or less? Examine what you wrote, see where you can use it in your life, and how it applies to you as an individual.


Whether you’re a writer, parent, student, or doctor, there are ways to inject your creativity and individuality into everyday life. Some professionals require inventiveness, and creatives must fulfill an obligation to offer a unique alternative. Moreover, we are all responsible for being who we were created to be. 

Consciously and subconsciously, humans make choices based on the mainstream media, on what others are doing, or on what’s the easiest. To wake up from this state of basicness, people need to learn about themselves. People need to understand themselves as individuals, without outside noise or influence. 

Taking things a step further, people need to act on their consciousness. Just listening to the inner voice isn’t enough. People need to follow it.

Using Meditation To Bring Out Your Inner Voice


When a person sits or lays in stillness and is connected with breath, really amazing things happen. There is power and magic in stillness. To achieve consciousness and reveal unique individual traits, one could begin to develop a meditation practice. 

It’s natural to feel resistant to meditation. Most people avoid being still. Even more so, people avoid their own thoughts.

They say that praying is talking to God, and meditation is when you listen. If you can break through the initial discomfort and monkey mind, really cool things happen in meditation. If you think you can’t sit still, try a walking meditation to begin.

A meditation practice evolves over one’s lifetime. A person who regularly meditates is often deeply connected to their inner voice. This person is in tune with their unique individuality and offering they bring into the world.

Conclusion To Reviving Individuality

Reviving individuality is as simple as making the choice to do so. It is easy to swim downstream and continue down a path that has been traveled before.

Start asking questions. Start acting upon your inner voice. Challenge yourself. Challenge others. Say no to things and start saying what you actually want to say.

Everyone has one life to live, made up of 24-hour days. Don’t waste that time. Use it to be the best you that you can be.