Cuisinart DLC-2AMR Review

By Asad | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

The metallic red Cuisinart food processor has the fancy color very few processor come up with. Its a 24 oz or in cup sizes it’s a Cuisinart food processor 3 cup processor. As the name says its small compact size mini food processor. Has small motor and has some noise. But that is fairly justified considering the price. If you single healthy lifestyle seeking individual DLC-2AMR will fulfill your personal needs. If you have a big family dinner then you will have to do multiple batches to get the supper ready. Overall the machine has very well defined edges, the color is more of strawberry than metallic red.



Before you begin reading below for detail analysis we recommend that you have a quick 30-second look at product page by following this link Amazon.


At the affordable current price, it offers the smart blade tech which enables the blade to move in both directions and perform the task of grinding or chopping.


You can do a wide variety of chores with this red Cuisinart food processor 3 cup capacity.

You can do a wide variety of tasks with it. The model comes up with a recipe book that will open up all the able to dos list to you.

You can chop onions, peppers, potatoes, carrots, radishes or grind meat, cheese.

You can try making pesto, coleslaw or salsa with this mini Cuisinart food processor and it won’t let you down.

The low-density food items are not a problem for this small but powerful motor.


When you are done with your chopping or grinding session if you can clean the blade straight away it will clean its ability. This will maintain blades sharpness and will last for years. However, in the worst case, you can always buy Cuisinart small food processor parts on Amazon.


The machine is comfortable to clean with hands. Just be careful when removing the blades as it is very sharp. You can also clean it with the dishwasher but do keep in mind dishwashers rigorous cleaning methods deteriorates the plastic texture to more cloudy. The spatula that comes along will help you in removing the food from the machine.


Touchpad only has two buttons for grind and chop. They act as on button if you keep pressing them down and will act as pulse if you press and release them. It all depends on your own liking and with more usage, you will be better able to decide if you want the finer result of a coarse finish. Amazon recommends that you buy CSB-75BC smart stick along with it. This is to increase the capabilities of your this small DLC-2AMR model.


Do not overload the motor by giving it heavy density objects like pizza or bread dough. Also grinding dates with pits might prove to be the last day for DLC-2AMR in your kitchen. This red Cuisinart food processor 3 cup capacity should not be fully filled up.

Whatever food processor you buy as a safety rule always fill it 10-20 percent less than the full cup capacity. This will ensure that the machine will last longer.

You would have to do pre-cutting to make sure there are small pieces in the bowl rather than 2 half slices of cabbage.


With over 3000+ verified reviews it’s a clear indication that the machine is selling well and promise a great track record. You can read more reviews on Amazon itself. Our suggestion would be if you can afford then go for 7 cups mid-size DLC-10SY. It’s powerful and lies  at the sweet spot of not too big and not too small category