Cuetec R360 Review

By Asad | 1 year ago

Cuetec R360 is a two-piece and very well known cue stick among the pool players all around the world. We decided to do Cuetec R360 review because not only beginners and amateurs but many pro and expert players also prefer this cue stick.

The American Pool Champion Shane Van Boening, who won many games, says, “Among all the other cue sticks in the market, the Cuetec R360 has a better feel, a better aiming system, and more importantly, better control”.

In this article, we will give you a valuable, honest, and brief review of this Cuetec R360 edge series.

No doubt, a cue is the fundamental of the pool. It acts as a driving force in the game. The good one acts as a game-changer. If you make the wrong choice here, then you are surely stopping yourself from making perfect shots smoothly and consistently. For a pool player, it is very serious to consider what pool cue he/she is using!

Though players are using this cue for a long time, most of the newbie and amateurs are still skeptical about it. To know more about this cue, let’s discuss this pool cue thoroughly.

ceutec r360 review

What is Good about Cutec R360 Pool Cue?

Tiger Tip

The first thing to do in Cuetec r360 review is to talk about the tiger tip. The tip of the cue is the actual point that hits the ball. Cuetec R360 tip is covered with the multi-layered and high-quality pigskin. However, the hardness of the cue tip does not matter that much. It keeps the cue ball a bit in control with a medium score of 75.5 for hardness.

In actual, the soft cue takes more time to make an impact on the cue ball as comparable to the hard tip. The experienced player can easily make a difference in the game with his/her skills no matter how hard or soft the tip is.

The tip must be sturdy and of high quality– and this tip is awesome. This exclusive pigskin will make less deflection while playing. Your object ball will not be messing around everywhere and you would have good control over the cue ball. The seasoned players might be going to do wonder with this cue stick.  The beginners can handle this by just taking a few starting shots to take control over the cue tip.


Its low-deflection shaft does wonders in the game. It has been constructed with a tubular composite core which is surrounded by 4-cut Canadian Maple. This maple is of good quality and gives maximum radial consistency that gives perfect shot and control over the ball. The inside core of the shaft minimizes deflection and keeps the striking force of the stick in control.


The weight of this cue stick is very less as compare to other famous shafts. Light cue helps you in making a good shot. When you hold cue you use your energy to

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  • Carrying the weight of the cue
  • Hitting the cue ball

When you are holding Cutec R360 pool stick, which is quite light– the focus and energy that you put on carrying the large weight of the cue stick will be diverted into hitting the cue ball. In this way, you will not only make good shots but you will play the pool for a longer time. Moreover, a person feels tired by holding heavier things for a long time. You will be safe from getting tired early because of its lightweight.

Other Small Factors

Butt: At the bottom side of the cue, the weight is adjustable and you can balance it quite smoothly. Secondly, you may feel its butt smaller as compared to the other cue sticks. It would be helpful for you to hold it quite easily with proper grip.

Joint: The stainless steel joint strongly connects the shaft and the butt of the cue stick. After joining the butt and shaft, it does not show any shine or light. You can easily eye up the ball and make the shot without any distraction.

Wrap: The handle of the cue has wrapping of Irish linen. The Irish linen is wrapped around to the point where you hold the stick to make a shot. It gives you a strong, proper, and comfortable grip. With this grip, you are more likely to make a good shot. It smoothly and perfectly sticks to the wood. Without having any bumps over it, you can enjoy a comfortable grip while playing.

Taper: It has pro Taper of 15 1/2 inches. With this perfect taper, you can make long, comfortable shots easily.

Ferrule:  The ferrule of this cue stick is made from ABS, which is a thermoplastic polymer. It has no melting point. This polymer gives a cushioning effect. It will also strengthen the tip. Moreover, it will reduce the vibration when you strike the cue ball. In this way, you would have control over the cue ball.

Price: Depending on its shaft and other prominent features, the price is damn good. If you are having this much feature with this little price, you should not miss a chance.

ceutec r360 review

What I do not like about Cuetec R360 Pool Cue?

Rubber Bumper

At the end of the shaft, there is a rubber bumper. This bumper always fell off because it is not glued correctly. The base is made of metal. You might face issues of sliding of a cue from the hand when you are waiting for the next shot.

No case

Like other cue sticks, it does not come with a cue case. Cue case is really important to keep your cue safe and secure. You would have to buy one separately.

Low durability of the shaft

The shaft of Cutec R360 has low deflection and works quite well. However, it is not durable. You will always have to be careful while playing and storing it. Otherwise, it may dent the cue stick easily.

Final Thoughts

Cutec R360 is one of those cue sticks that helps you in making good shots consistently. It has many features that an ideal cue stick should have. However, when you are getting an excellent cue stick within an ideal price—then you should not miss a chance to get this stick at all.