The Convenience Store Where You Can Win Free Gas For A Year

Does free gas for a year sound nice? Sheetz, a PA-based convenience store, is offering US residents a chance to win free fuel for the year.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

sheetz pay less for fuel

It’s no secret that gas prices are adding to the financial woes of everyday folks who are already trying to survive inflation. While the government is still trying to figure out the best way forward, Sheetz may have a solution. The convenience store chain and the Pennsylvania Lottery are teaming up to launch a “Free Gas for a Year” contest which runs till September 30th. And customers at all 299 locations across the states have the chance to win the highly coveted grand prize.

Entering the free gas contest is pretty simple too, according to PA Homepage. First, customers must buy a minimum $10 Match 6 lottery ticket. Once purchased, they will receive a play ticket, as well as a trailing ticket, that includes a QR code. Then, they need to use their phones to scan that QR code, which will take them to the My Sheetz mobile app. The app will prompt them to enter the promo code on their trailing ticket to automatically be entered to win the grand prize. It’s that easy!

But there is one important stipulation from Sheetz. Each customer can only enter the draw once. While that may seem silly, it’s probably the best way to keep the contest fair. The grand prize winner will be selected in October. Since there can only be one winner, the convenience store is giving would-be winners a mini conciliation prize. Just for entering the contest, one free coffee or soda item will be loaded into each customer’s My Sheetz account. After that, you have 30 days to claim your freebie before it expires.

This free gas contest is just another way Sheetz is giving folks some relief at the pump, Convenience Store News reports. Earlier this month, the retailer rolled back gas prices for a limited time during the Independence Day weekend, reducing the price of fuel to $3.99 a gallon for unleaded 88 and $3.49 a gallon for E85. Wawa Inc. also jumped on the trend, extending a 15-cent-off-per-gallon savings program from May 12th to June 12th. The program applied to rewards members who used the Wawa app to activate a fuel pump and pay at any Wawa fuel store.

Owned by the Sheetz family, the popular chain of 24/7 convenience stores and coffee shops rose to prominence in the 1980s. Each store sells custom food, beverages, and other items folks might need in a hurry. Almost all of them sell gasoline, with a few locations serving as full-scale truck stops fitted with showers and a Laundromat. Headquarters is in Altoona, Pennsylvania, the company operates more than 640 locations across the states with stores in West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Interestingly, Sheetz isn’t the only convenience store chain to introduce a gas giveaway. Pilot Flying J celebrated the unofficial start of summer on National Road Trip Day by introducing a $50,000 fuel giveaway. For a chance to win, customers had to visit the travel center operator’s Facebook page to share road trip favorites, memories, or photos, Convenience Store News reports at the time. In addition to the giveaway, folks who used Pilot Flying J’s My Rewards Plus app received three cents off a gallon of gas and auto diesel.