The Consumers Who Should Avoid Shopping At Costco

By Ryan Clancy | Published

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Discount mega store Costco is an excellent place for anyone who likes bargains and buying in bulk. It has a reputation for loyal customers and bargain-busting prices. While some people swear that it is the only place they would shop for their discounts, other shoppers are less enthusiastic. If you do not have the patience to learn all the Costco hacks, it may not be for you.

But if you are still undecided on whether you are cut out to be a loyal Costco customer or if you are better off taking your hard-earned money somewhere else, then this article is for you.

Shopping in Costco can be a wonderful experience, but it takes time and effort as most of their shops are housed in massive warehouses with several different sections and isles. If you are one of these shoppers who is constantly in a hurry, there may be a better shop for you.

Costco may not be the right fit if you are an impulse buyer. While impulse buying in Walmart or Target may be ok, impulse buying in Costco could be problematic as you are buying in bulk. One of the ways customers receive such great deals is by buying their favorite items in large quantities. While some impulse buying may pay off, you don’t want to be stuck with a large amount of something that’s novelty has worn off a long time ago.

Every shop has busy and quiet times, and Costco is no different. At the weekends, it is full of eager bargain hunters that make lines longer and aisles more crowded. If you are a shopper that hates this type of shopping experience, then give Costco a miss.

The essence of Costco lies in bulk items; it is why people love it so much. By 100 of your favorite item, save $15; it’s the ultimate buzz. While most people are suckers for a bargain, there may be an issue transporting it home. If you are someone that owns a small or compact car, it may be best to try BestBuy for a bargain that you can transport.

Also, this can be said for people who live in compact apartments; without the space, even if you did receive a good deal if you can’t walk around your apartment, it is not worth it.

While you can get excellent bargains at Costco, you cannot use coupons for an extra discount as they don’t accept them. Costco is not the shop for you if you are a bargain hunter who loves using coupons for even better deals.

Costco offers a great range of fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, but if you live alone or have a small family, then buying this sort of produce in bulk maybe not be the bargain-busting deal you had hoped it would be.

Costco is a very successful shop, and there is no reason to think why it wouldn’t be. It contains everyone’s favorite products for a fraction of the price by buying it in bulk. While for many people, the stipulations for buying in Costco aren’t a problem, like everything, it is not for everyone.