How to Clean Pool Table Felt

By Asad | 9 months ago

QWKC quick clean spray can is an easy solution to clean your pool table felt. With all the wrong techniques like brushing, vacuum cleaning and damp cloth practices out there, this can is a lot better and can help you extend your pool table cloth life.

In this post, we will guide you not only to guide you how to clean your pool table felt but also tell why the traditional methods of felt cleaning are simply a waste of time and money.



You must have seen club owners using one of these below methods to clean their pool tables. I will explain why they are not the best solutions. In the end, I will let you know why I recommend this QWKC spray can to be used as a solution.


table brush to clean pool table cloth

Brushing is the number one way of killing your pool table cloth. When you brush on the table you are actually brushing the chalk residue deep into the pool cloth fibers. This chalk residue will get more fixed with the fibers and damage the smoothness of the fibers with each stroke.

Yes, you can wipe off a little bit of the chalk residue from the table and push that through one of the pockets. But that will actually dirty your pockets and when you pot in those pockets the shine on the balls will be gradually gone. If you are still not convinced then take the cloth off from the table and you will see a ton of chalk build up on the slate. So brushing does not help much. Actually, you need something that can wipe off more than 90% of the chalk rather than pushing it deeper into the felt.

Imagine the table cloth as velvet cloth. There are tiny fibers hanging out any damage to those can alter the course of the ball.


vacuum cleaner to clean table cloth

Vacuum cleaners are good in removing the surface dust from the cloth but not the chalk. They do more damage than cleaning. When you apply the vacuum cleaner, it sucks the cloth up that stretches the cloth and slows down the cloth.

If you have a brush on the vacuum cleaner that will even damage more by tearing the fabric, pushing the dirt more into the slate. Some vacuum cleaners have wheels on the sucking end that leaves marks on the table.


damp cloth to clean table cloth

Damp cloth when rubber over the surface of table cloth makes the table cloth look blue or darker in color. It gives the impression as if you have wiped off all the chalk. In reality, the blue color is actually the dye from the chalk which alters the color of the cloth from that portion. The chalk which you think is wiped off is actually forced to stick into the cloth fiber.

Damp cloth makes things worse because of its wetness it binds the silicates of the chalk residue and they clog the cloth making it slower. This reduces the age of cloth at a much faster rate.


 qwkc spray can to clean table felt.

This is the best way to clean your pool table felt. It’s quick and effective. The problem with the above methods is that they do not have any cleaning agent employed in them. They are plain methods not effective.

The spray works by the chalk residue on the table. This suspends them on the table with a positive electric charge. Now all you need is a negatively charged body which is a microfiber cloth that you can simply wipe on the pool cloth. The negative charge on the fiber cloth attracts the positively charged suspended dust particles and you can actually remove more than 95% of the dust/chalk residue from the table.

This increases the life of the cloth because the table felt fibers are not damaged. It converts long methods mentioned above into under a minute job. So you can continue smashing the pool balls with your favorite pool cue.


It’s pretty simple and straight forward. The can spray rainy foam its not like a usual mousse foam that might be coming into your mind. Follow these steps to clean the table with QWKC quick clean spray can:

1) Raise the can to a height of 2 feet from the table.

2) Tilt the can so that it is at 45 degrees to the plain of the table

3) Now begin spraying on the table going from one end to the other. Do four rotations from one end to another. You will see the spray in the form of small rainy particles like a perfume spray.

4) Now quickly wipe off the spray from the table with a microfiber cloth. Your quickness is necessary because the charged dust particles on top of the table may be discharged by the air around the table. So your quick movement is necessary to wipe them off before the air discharges them.

It’s as simple as this, you are done with cleaning. The cleaning agent in the spray also take off any stains on the table. However, for very hard stains this method will not be effective because the spray is optimized to take out the chalk build up.


The traditional methods were effective back in the days but research has proved that they do more harm than good. The QWKC spray being used in tournaments like the US Open endorses the fact that it is a safe and effective method to clean the pool table cloth.