How One US State Plans To Use 100% Carbon-Free Electricity

Minnesota plans to use carbon-free electricity by 2040 by switching to a nuclear energy source.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

Carbon free electricity

Climate change is real. It’s here and affecting the world swiftly and harshly. Some parts of our government are working for a real change. Others would like to proceed slowly, stating that the rest of the infrastructure is not ready for change and it would only cost citizens more for their energy. However, carbon-free electricity is now a goal for Minnesota by 2040. This will help the United States keep its air clean and future bright. 

Carbon-free electricity is created by resources that generate no carbon emissions. These types are wind, nuclear, and solar. Obviously, nuclear is a bit controversial because of the effects it can have on the natural world if something would good terribly wrong. However, it is making a comeback since it is carbon-free and clean. 

According to The AP News, nuclear energy is being driven by the cost of electricity on the rise and not everybody being able to pay their bills. One of the largest electricity companies, Westinghouse Electric now has a division dedicated solely to nuclear fuel in order to create carbon-free electricity. This renewable energy source is controversial but can be put into motion immediately. 

Nuclear energy is a type of carbon-free electricity that comes from the nucleus or center of the atom. Protons and neutrons make up the center of atoms. And this is where the energy comes from. Carbon-free energy can come from fission or fusion. Fission is when the nucleus of atoms is split into several parts. Fusion is when the nuclei of atoms are fused together. 

Minnesota is looking to pass its piece of the legislature this week and as this is part of Democrats’ overarching goals and agenda. Meteorologists in the state are reporting hotter summers, colder winters, more draughts, and more importantly shorter ice fishing seasons. 

Folks are incredibly hesitant to change to carbon-free electricity. And when it comes to climate change, the old adage still rings true. In fact, many corporations that have been mandated to start a switch to carbon-free energy or at least a cleaner-burning type of energy have actually lied about their status. 

Many companies are greenwashing meaning saying they are “green companies” when in reality they are not. According to a recent study, some companies are taunting their Renewable Energy Certificates. This certificate is easily accessible and is used to document a company’s transition from coal to clean energy. But, in reality, it means they promise to support green energy projects anywhere in the world. Pinky swear, really.

This certificate is a big issue as it is supposed to “prove” the company’s attempts, but in reality, it shows no stats or figures and gives no hard information on how the company is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The certificate is a rouse and it tricks customers into thinking they are giving their money to a company they believe in. 

In the case of the Minnesota law that is proposed this week, folks are fearful that this transition will result in higher costs and unstable power grids. However, those in the state government reported that Minnesota’s greenhouse gas emissions declined by 23% between 2005 and 2020. The state is on track to meet its goals.