The Days Of Oil Being Using For Energy Are Nearly Over?

Despite a big push toward adjusting existing legislation to support the movement toward reliance on renewable sources of energy, a US house investigation revealed that oil companies are determined to protect their fossil fuel commodity at any cost.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

Over the last decade, global warming and climate action have been at the forefront of every news station and parliamentary meeting around the globe. With every yearly government budget, the financial plan for tackling climate change increases, and so does its popularity with ordinary people. This week, it has been found that major fossil fuels companies contradict their climate action messages by undermining them to protect their overall profits, suggesting oil companies will do anything to protect the continued use of their fossil fuel commodity.

The revelation that major fossil fuel companies do not adhere to reducing their carbon emissions is unsettling and upsetting. As every person in every country is doing their bit to reduce the global carbon footprint, it is upsetting to learn that some of the leading polluters in the world are not doing their share to tackle climate change and save the planet from extinction.

US House Investigation

Internal documents from fossil fuel heavyweight Shell have been recovered from an investigation of climate disinformation by the US House. The thousands of pages show how numerous fossil fuel executives contradict their company’s public messages on climate change. In these internal documents, Shell stated, “Please do not give the impression that Shell is willing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to levels that do not make business sense.” This quote blatantly shows how these global fossil fuel companies think.

The content that various fossil fuel giants were forced to hand over to congressional investigators is the latest proof that companies like Shell and BP will lie to the public and consumers about the environmental cost of making a profit.

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Fossil Fuel Companies Exposed

Last year, an undercover video from Greenpeace UK revealed how ExxonMobil fights climate change and tries to weaken climate regulation where possible. This can be said for a lot of other fossil fuel companies, not just in the US but also in Europe.

REPowerEU, the European Commission’s plan to wean Europe off Russian fossil fuels, includes an EU Energy Platform for gas, LNG, and hydrogen purchases. The gas industry advises this government platform. They have influenced a range of projects, including defining which tasks take priority. This shows a glaring conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time the fossil fuel industry has integrated itself into a country’s law-making. The correct policies needed to slow climate change and possibly save the planet cannot be implemented if the people who caused and profited from this problem are consulted at every step. Thus giving them a chance to weaken any legislation that might dent their profits and help the environment.

Climate change was already a hot topic globally, but due to these new revelations from congress, it is essential to fast-track the necessary legislation. Every country should be weaned off of fossil fuels and the soulless companies supplying it to sources of cleaner renewable energy.

Governments need to stop these oil companies that have been given too much power. If they are not stopped, they will single handily destroy our planet for the next generation. We need a fossil fuel-free world, but for now, oil is here to stay.