Callaway Superhot 55 Review

Callaway is back on track and probably back in the hearts of its diehard fans. Callaway is as usual once again setting the stage on fire. According to many this product is doing wonders and there is complete satisfaction, but of course, we can never judge without witnessing the other side of the story. To see if the reviews I received were really unique, today we’ll have a proper Callaway SuperHot 55 Review.

callaway superhot 55 review

Key Features

If you struggle with ball control or have great spin control for any playing level Superhot 55 will suit your playing style. Launched after the Chrome Soft it is one of the best balls launched in Callaway’s Soft ball series. It is widely regarded as the best softball produced by the brand yet.


The Superhot 55 features a three-piece dual-core construction. It contains a very soft mantle layer and soft trionomer blend surlyn cover. They both work together to decrease spin and hence deliver straighter, exact shots. The ball features “Hex Aerodynamic” dimples.

The ball has a smooth design that’s built for lower effort, more ideal lift and longer carry. The ball compression rating is low which means that beginners or seniors with slow swing speed can achieve long distances shot. The low compression means that the ball will absorb more energy from the club head and travel more distance.


Its short game feel is amazingly soft. The Superhot 55 ball has a good amount of control around the greens with decent spin.

If compared with a ball designed for long distance travel like Bridgestone e6 this balls is capable of going even further. The low-spin quality of the ball is really effective to flatten out ball flight and reduce the damage of slices and hooks, which make the Superhot 55 a great ball for golfers who struggle to, keep the ball in the fairway.

What about Feel?

Firstly, the Superhot 55 feels great off the putter face on the softer side with a touch of control. Generally, the feel around the greens is similar. I would say it’s certainly one of the best and softest feeling balls out there right now.

Off the tee, these balls feel hot and firmer than expected. Overall, the Superhot 55 balls feel quite a bit softer than the previous superhot model of balls while providing almost all of the same benefits.

Superhot 55 is designed to travel long distances thanks to its soft inner core. The ball gets lower side spin at the impact and allows the maximum transfer of momentum in the forward direction.  The hex structure also aids in reducing the drag friction. Lesser energy is lost during the flight and ball moves forward towards the aimed destination.

Pros: Callaway Superhot 55


It has an Aerodynamic design that ensures extreme distance shots without compromising on the feel and flexibility or comfort.


The internal structure is made up of softer mantle. It has a specific purpose and that is to reduce the spin imparted on to the ball. You can confidently hit longer shots without the fear of ball deviating away from the intended trajectory.


The softer feedback felt is credited due to the softer inner core. What feels strange are the full power long shots. Although hit very strongly you will not feel the strong clash with the head of your irons.


It has an affordable price which is a plus point for mid-ranged golfers or beginners who couldn’t spend a lot on these products.

Cons: Callaway Superhot 55

Low Spin

Although it is an advantage to play straighter shots but low spin has its drawbacks including lack of workability and stopping power around the greens.


The soft cover of the mantle lacks durability and can easily destruct or damage the inner core of the ball thus, resulting in it wearing out.

Callaway has also introduced its chrome soft which is also one of the most amazing products launched. Yet, there are still some differences in the Superhot 55 and the Chrome soft. Let’s find them out guys.

Superhot 55 vs Chrome Soft

If you are looking for a compression ball Superhot55 is the right choice. Chrome soft can be categorized as a golf ball belonging to superior quality with texture and feel very soft in comparison with balls sold for similar marketing purposes. Try to hit a backspin with this ball and you will feel it rolling very smoothly back to you especially on the greens.


Distance seems to be a controlling factor in the modern golf game, thus it is important to play with a golf ball that gives you maximum distance.

The distance the ball should travel is optimized thanks to the dimple structure. It makes sure that is sails away smoothly even on the trajectories with rough drag.

The Chrome Soft design features a  softer inner core whose strength is improved with graphene. Just above the outer structure the large core inside forgives the mishits beyond the center. Because the ball has less spin it will travel with longer distance. It is ideal combination for those starting out with the game. You can keep it simple by aiming and playing straight.


The ball feels soft even at the full power shots. The problem is, you will struggle on keeping control of the ball. If you are a newbie or someone who still finds it difficult to hit the ball at the right place then this ball may not suit you the best. It is less forgiving and especially induces more spin onto the ball. If you have control on the spin then you will enjoy playing with this ball. The ball is covered with Tour-Urethane, it is special material made by Callaway that is not only great to touch but it is responsible for inducing the extra spin on to your shots.


This is where the ball gets the hit. Its made out of soft material and especially the inner mantle is soft. If you play it for power shots for long holes then the ball will not survive for long. On the other end, Chrome Soft players shouldn’t be fooled by the softness of the Tour-Urethane cover that is featured in its design. Urethane is special material, the chemical structure not only gives the ball the softer feel but is also robust and strong.


Superhot55 is not a high priced ball. It is ideal for those who are still not sure about their game. Those who lose balls every now and then. The ability to hit straight, keep it simple makes superhot55 a great choice for beginners.

The Chrome Soft, on the other hand, is a premium golf ball with a premium price tag, but don’t be discouraged by the price tag, it is worth the show.

callaway superhot 55 review

Wrap Up: Callaway Superhot 55 Review 

Superhot 55 works great for those who are planning to have a low spin ball for long shots in their gear. It will actually also help to hit straighter shot especially when you are closing onto a straighter hole. Callaway has improved the ball in comparison with the previous production lines of the 55. If you are on a tight budget but can willing to improve your game for straighter shots this set is the right choice for you.


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