Callaway N416 Irons Review

By Iqra Khalid | Published

I’ve seen my friends playing golf with their Callaway Golf sets and I’ve been really amazed to observe the superb quality of their irons. I had a few conversations with them and found out that the irons were  n416 irons! The reviews that I received were awesome. Let me share them with you guys to let you know all that you need to know about them before any purchase. So let’s start the Callaway N416 Irons Review.

Callaway N416 Irons Review

Features of the iron

The two main parts of the iron are its iron head and steel shaft, these are designed traditionally so that golf players feel comfortable to use these and do not feel any negative difference. These clubs are really long ranging between 34 ½inches to 38 ½ inches. They are quite comfortable for taller players but if you are on a shorter side like me then you can order the custom ones.

The club has a shaft between the stiff and the regular shaft which makes it deliver the ball further than many standard clubs. If you swing between 85 miles per hour and 115 miles per hour, this is precisely the golf club for you.

Callaway has specifically designed this iron set for golfers with a mid to high range handicap. If you are looking for low handicaps then this set is the not right choice for you. But if you have a tendency to end up in sand bunkers quite often or end up off the green, these clubs are perfect for you and will help you perfect your shots.

The best feature about these clubs is that Callaway has inserted a Uniflex steel shaft which helps the ball to launch further and give you a consistent flight and distance so that you might get to know how much of the distance you have covered.

The club set totally consists of 8 clubs which can be brought from different online delivering websites but separate clubs can also be brought from stores.


Reasons you should buy it.

Apart from the features, there are a bunch of pros which are a good reason to buy this irons set. The Callaway n416 irons have been the topic of the hour since they have launched and all of this is certainly because of their undeniable fantastic quality. Let us see what makes them this famous and unique. The below pros were compiled for Callaway N416 Irons Review post after loads of discussion and research.

The Pros of the Callaway n416 irons

  • Distance:

    Callaway has all the unique technologies in it that help in the deliverance of the ball to a further distance, these technologies include the uniflex steel tempered shaft inserted just in between the stiff and the regular shaft.

  • Low Centre of Gravity:

    That helps get the ball in the air quickly and also stabilize the head of the iron for better dispersion and distance.

  • Deep Cavity Design:

    Provides extra forgiveness across the face of the iron for better and more accurate off-center shots.

  • Fast Face: 

     A thin face technology produces high ball speeds across the whole face to increase the distance.

  • Classic Callaway look and feel:

    The classic feel and looks of the clubs make them the center of attraction and give a sense of comfort and originality to the Golfer.

  • Easy to use for beginners too:

    These clubs can be used by beginners as well as experts, which is a dynamic plus point for all, there is no need to buy a separate club for beginners.



The Callaway n416 irons have been really popular for their quality and look yet there are a few cons.

  • Pricing:

    Well, there’s one point where we all get stuck when it comes to buying any product and that is the product’s price, Callaway n416 is way too expensive, it might seem to be reasonable for some of the people yet, generally isn’t affordable for most of the golfers.

  • The Paint job isn’t too chic:

    The majority of beginners looking to find a new set of clubs won’t be able to tell the difference between a $1000 set and a high value, set like this. The paint is usually low quality and should be improved whereas; undoubtedly the iron is mind-blowing.

Callaway N416 Irons Review

Conclusion: Callaway N416 irons review

Are you also amazed by reading this just as I was when I had the conversation with my friends? Well then it’s time for you to get your hands on this amazing Callaway n416 irons which have the forgiveness for consistent shots across the face, good feel, good sound, and are designed to help your game and have an everlasting experience. No worries, thank me later!

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