Brunswick vs Olhausen Pool Table

By Asad | Published

Both companies Brunswick and Olhausen produce the finest quality of pool tables. Buying either of them will be a good decision whether you are planning to get one for the home use or for commercial use. But if you are interested in getting into the finer details then it is necessary to do a Brunswick vs Olhausen comparison.

Comparison of Companies

Brunswick was started almost 170 years ago while Olhausen was started in the 1970s. That is quite a lot of difference if you count the decades but does it really matter? In my opinion, Olhausen is around for almost 50 years now that is not a small number. Both are established and respected brands.

Any of the tables bought would require regular maintenance and care to last for a lifetime as claimed by the manufacturers.

Manufacturing Place

Olhausen tables are made within US at Portland, Tennessee. If you are looking for local product then go for Olhausen because Brunswick tables are coming from China and Vietnam.


The basic Olhausen table starts at over $2100 while Brunswick can come at a starting price of $2000. From $2000 both brands offer wide variety of tables at various price ranges.

Woods Used

Both brands use hardwood to make the table but the source of wood is different. Olhausen tables are made from all material within USA while the wood for Brunswick is imported from South America.


Both offer cabinets in their basic tables but Olhausen comes preset and Brunswick has to be manually installed.

Cushion Rubber

Both offer fast cushions and performance is pretty much similar. The selection of cushions varies based on personal preference.