Multiple Brands Are Changing The Shape Of Their Beverage Cans, Here’s Why

Major companies like Coke and Pepsi are changing the shape of their 12-oz cans from short and stout to long and skinny in an attempt to attach an aura of sophistication to their brand image.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

shape of beverage cans jack and coke diet soda coca-cola flavor

Skinny is in. Well, it’s always been in, but now, it’s in for aluminum cans. The shape of our typical beverage can is evolving from the stout, round 12-oz lovable vessel to a tall sophisticated 12-oz. Is it still lovable? Well, its definitely a bit different and sassier, but consumers will be the judge. And, according to early sales, we love skinny.

According to CNN, skinny cans–once only seen in drinks like White Claw–are taking over the shelves. The shape of the beverage cans evokes an elevated feeling of sophistication. So, drinks like Pepsi and Coke are launching new drinks in skinny can form. 

The sleek design is more visually appealing and definitely lighter to carry (oh, the convenience).

At IHOP, you can now find a Maple Syrup Pepsi Breakfast Soda in a tall slim 12 oz aluminum can. If that’s not enough for you, there’s also beer cans in Hawaii that come in a 16 oz tall boy skinny design.

So, if you’re looking to stay trendy while enjoying your favorite beverage, it looks like skinny cans are definitely here to stay. Who knows what new sizes and shapes we’ll see in the near future? Let’s wait and see.

But one thing is for sure – skinny cans are trending! This trend of skinny cans is not limited to just drinks either. A variety of foodstuffs have also hopped on the bandwagon, with soup, nuts, and candy now coming in slim packaging options. And it looks like this skinny trend will continue. Starbucks launched a tall skinny shape of beverage cans folks love to be seen with. 

We love to experiment with our food. Not just in shape of what it is in, but in flavors as well. Companies are constantly vying for attention to get folks to choose them. As you walk down the aisles of the grocery store next time you are there, pay attention to what catches your eye and the shape of beverage cans. Is it the short, stout shape of the beverage can, or is it a sleek tall one? Right now, tall is a bit “different” so it stands out.

Companies have reported that taller beverage cans save aluminum, helping to be more sustainable. This may be true, but in the long run, the change is marketing magic to appeal to a younger, cooler audience. Tall, thin has always been appealing to people. In fashion and now in our drinks. We have seen this with the rise of hard seltzer and other products that appeal to our need for something new.

No matter what, companies will keep coming up with new ideas, and it is up to us to decide which ones we want in our lives. There are a lot of great options out there, so experiment and see what fits you best. The shape of beverage cans  may not seem important, but it can have an impact on the way we view, market, and enjoy our drinks.

The jury is still out on whether tall cans are a truly sustainable choice, but we can all agree that they look great and make drinks feel special. From the eye-catching art work to the slim profiles, there’s no denying that tall cans draw attention with their modern design. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just part of your everyday routine, tall cans are sure to make a statement.