BMW’s Newest M Model Is A Next-Gen Hybrid

By Kristi Eckert | 2 months ago


The number of companies beginning to develop hybrid and electric vehicles has been growing exponentially year over year in an effort to meet increasing consumer demand and evolve with a market that is becoming more cognizant of the importance of reducing the global carbon footprint. Dodge recently detailed its plans to ditch its muscle cars powered by internal combustion engines in favor of electric versions and Ford has also pledged to covert the majority of its lineup to electric-powered vehicles by 2030. BMW is the latest automaker to step up to the plate. According to Engadget, the company’s performance division, BMW M, is releasing an all-new hybrid model. 

The hybrid vehicle is called the Concept XM and it is the first entirely new M model to be developed since BMW initially launched the division over 40 years ago. BMW’s announcement of the Concept M marks a series of firsts for the automaker. One, it is reportedly the most powerful M model to ever be developed. It will feature BMW’s new proprietary M Hybrid drive system that fuses the power of a V8 engine with what they are calling a high-performance electric motor. The M Hybrid drive system will output at 750 horsepower and be capable of reaching 1,000 Nm of torque.

Secondly, the Concept XM will also mark the division’s first-ever attempt to go electric. The hybrid engine will make the car capable of driving up to 50 miles solely on electric power. The company has asserted that these first steps into the electric vehicle space reflect where they are looking in the future. Additionally, the Concept XM will be the first new BMW model to feature their redesigned front end. According to concept pictures put out by the automaker, the design will be characterized by sleekly slanted headlights and distinctive kidney-bean shaped grills defined by illuminated edges.  

Moreover, BMW has described the full look of the upcoming XM as “a highly progressive and distinctive take on BMW X.” They are hoping that this design will serve as a platform from which to base other upcoming redesigns off of. The head of BMW’s M Division Frank van Meel said that BMW enthusiasts can expect to see many of the features found on the XM to show up in designs of other models that are currently in development. Van Meel specifically alluded to the illuminated kidney-shaped grill as something drivers can expect to see on future models. Van Meel touted the new signature look as something that “defines the new language of luxury” for the company as a whole. 

For those looking forward to the release of the XM, BMW has said that it is planning to start production on their new M series vehicle as early as 2022 at their USA-based Spartanburg plant. The model will solely be offered as a plug-in hybrid. With so many automakers diving into the EV market headfirst it will certainly be interesting to see how BMW’s efforts evolve in the future, but at present, it does look like the luxury brand is off to a good start with the XM.