Best Distortion Pedal For Death Metal

By Kinza | 1 year ago

Before we dive into the discussion of what is the best distortion pedal for death metal, let’s first clarify what exactly are distortion pedals and what do they do. So, distortion pedals are hard clipping devices, that create enharmonic sounds. Enharmonic overtones are, basically, overtones that are dissonant with your fundamental, which is the note that you play. That is why you play a chord with a lot of distortion; it does not sound very good because it conflicts with the fundamental. However, the sound is fuller which is what gives the genres that your distortion their trademark tone.

These pedals add complexity to the overtone and are the best and easiest way to get hard rock and metal tones. The distortion pedal has a ton of variety in which different type of distortion pedal is geared towards a different type of genres, with some of it being focused towards classic rock, some on heard rock and others on metal.


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Reviews: Best Distortion Pedal for Death Metal

There are many ways to achieve a better and amplified guitar tone and everyone has their own approach to achieve that. For most of the people, it is either an amplifier or a distortion pedal. The metal players specifically use distortion pedals to achieve their sounds and overtones by combining them with amplifiers.

So, if you are a rock player you would know how important the distortion pedal is for your sounds. It is not easy to choose a distortion pedal because of the choices in the market, so we have reviewed some of the best distortion pedal for death metal in this article.


  • Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Pedal

    best distortion pedal for deathmetal

Wampler has never disappointed its customers because of its unique construction. The pedal may seem simple and ordinary but we assure you that it has every basic requirement that you need. The classic looks are complementary to the high-end performance by Wampler Triple Wreck. We’ll make sure to mention all the features so you don’t think of it like a barbarian.

Key Features:

  • This distortion pedal features true Bypass, so it does not interfere and cause anyone any trouble.
  • The knobs on the pedal are of Treble, Bass, Gain and Volume, all to make it convenient for the player to use.
  • It also features high-grade capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response.
  • It comes with a Boost Switch to give extra gain or fuzz in the music.
  • The battery connection is not be worried about with 9V battery power jack.


This distortion pedal might be a little pricier than others but it has knobs for every function and also features more advanced functions than the rest of pedals.

Our Verdict:

Wampler guarantees remarkable end results with a continuous overwhelming feeling. If you are looking for a distortion pedal that will provide extremely varying refinement choices, then this Wampler Triple Wreck is the go-to option for you.



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  • Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff Distortion Pedal

    pedal for death metal guitarist

If you are regular into this stuff, you won’t be surprised to know that Electro-Harmonix is mostly a top priority for this purpose. Electro-Harmonix produces some of the best distortion pedal for death metal.

Key Features:

  • The main specification would be optional true bypass or buffered bypass, which is very important for a guitarist who need versatile pedals.
  • There are different knobs for volume, drive, and treble which allows you to control each one of them individually.
  • It comes with a foot-switchable top boost with a separate control knob.
  • The most important feature is the 9V battery which is included in it.


The unique Top Boost knob allows you to dial in frequencies that center between 3.5kHz and 4.3 kHz. The price is pretty reasonable too compared to the above distortion pedals.

Our Verdict:

It is the number one priority of metal players if they are looking for some warmth and crunch in a transparent way. If you don’t need that full-blown distortion sound, then this Electro-Harmonix distortion pedal is the one for you.



  • MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion Pedal

    guitar pedal for metal loverss

MXR might be one of the oldest companies to produce distortion pedals but that doesn’t mean that it has been living under a rock. MXR have almost all of the specifications you would want to have in your distortion pedal. This guitar pedal itself is self-explanatory, Super Badass Distortion Pedal. The name might suggest it is metal only distortion but it is actually capable of covering a wide scope of style.

Key Features:

  • This distortion pedal is a 100-percent analog true bypass pedal, securing an organic and natural tone.
  • The Stompbox is also very responsive and utilizes an interesting feature; a full-on EQ to control the tone.
  • The device itself comes in a very attractive package, featuring a compact, sturdy and high level of craftsmanship.
  • In total, it comes with 5 knobs; Output, distortion, mitten, bass, and treble. These knobs enable you to control everything according to yourself.


The sleek and elegant craftsmanship with amazing performance and high-end customer reviews make it one of the best distortion pedals. The knobs let us control everything to the extent we want.

Our Verdict:

This device is called “Jack of all traits” and it’s so-called for a reason.  the versatility is through the roof according to distortion standards. The sound is always clear and the device is super easy to use. The reliability and durability of the device are confirmed by the customers who keep coming back to buy this bad boy.



  • Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion Pedal

    cheap death metal pedal for guitar

Rocktron is usually not the first company that comes into your mind when you are thinking of buying a distortion pedal. But this one has actually proved itself to be worth every penny spent on it. It has ‘Rock’ and ‘Metal’ both in its name, so you can imagine the reality it will bring to your music.

Key Features:

  • This distortion pedal is out of the world when it comes to sounding like 80s metal.
  • Gain is the best thing that this device delivers, but it surely isn’t the only one. It can also unleash high gain, overdrive, and distortion with equally high intensity.
  • This metal distortion pedal also comes with interesting knobs for its 4-band EQ, which allows you to nail the perfect tone that you’re looking for.


Compared to some of the more popular and esteemed distortion pedals, it lacks fineness. However, that can be sometimes good thing depending upon the user.

Our Verdict:

The gain on this metal distortion pedal is also tweaks EQ settings and volume which will make you feel right at home, unlike some of the other distortion pedals that we discussed. So, get ready to buy this insanely amazing distortion pedal for a pretty reasonable price.



  • Boss DS-1X Distortion Pedal

    best death metal pedal for the money

Boss DS-1X is an upgraded version of Boss DS-1X, which already shows that it is a better, more advanced version of one of the best distortion pedals of Boss. This distortion pedal is very popular among the metal players because of its results and the overtone.

Key Features:

  • This version produces a fuller and darker distortion tone.
  • Boss DS-1X has more headroom than the previous version, which allows you to crank up the gain for a metal tone.
  • The single knob in its previous version was replaced by two knobs for high and low, to handle EQ.


This is one of the most affordable distortion pedals in general and in this article which you can grab at any moment whatsoever.

Our Verdict:

This is one of the most reasonable distortion pedals. And the best thing about it is that it is extremely durable which is what Boss is known for. In short, this distortion pedal is very unique belonging to the legends of death metal.


We have very carefully reviewed some of the best distortion pedal for death metal, ranging from modernized to classic remakes. Take your pick if you are practicing at home or anywhere for that matter.

So, rock out your favorite sounds on your guitar with by choosing the right distortion pedal for your guitar and call it a favor for yourself.