Aramith Premium Pool Balls Review

Let’s do the much awaited Aramith premium pool balls review. Premium is unmatched in terms of composition and feature. They appear in a collection of 16 balls with seven stripes, eight solids, and one cue ball. The truth that it is manufactured of phenolic resin that provides it an outstanding impact and scratch protection as you play.

aramith premium balls review

Aramith Premium Pool balls are the best set of balls for anyone that needs to continue playing for a longer interval. They deliver exceptional noise during the break. These balls have been established to serve five times longer than any other balls produced from polymers. These balls have good shiny shade.

Aramith Premium Pool Balls 

The creation method of Aramith Premium Pool balls applies the Vitrotech technology which provides them the additional impact protection leading to longer play time. The method is invented to assure hardness around the ball. These Pool Balls have beautiful color and dark number printed on them which looks great on the table.

At the table, these balls have a friction resistance roll, not to mention the excellent shades that make them stand out on your table. But, just like another product, the Aramith premium pool balls have a negative side. You could be unfortunate to get a set with the color from the number smearing into the white though that will not influence your game.


Aramith premium pool balls weight is around 6.25 ounces which is usually a good weight for a pool ball. This weight helps you to score more because the lesser the weight of the ball, less force will be required to hit the ball and you could score more points.

But if the ball is heaver, you will require more strength to hit the ball in the right direction. This uniform weight gives the ball an excellent balance and a fine rounded shape.


It is understood that diameter and round shape are the primary characteristics that decide the quality of pool balls. But, there is one extra point that shouldn’t be underrated, it’s their balance. In terms of this aspect, the Aramith premium are the best pool balls.

The solid phenolic resin from which these balls are produced from is fairly spread over each one. Thanks to this characteristic, you could ensure that the balls will constantly follow in the direction you choose. So you should give Aramith premium a chance, and you will surely love it.


One primary cause for considering the Aramith Premium Ball Set is Vitrotech technology applied throughout its production. Not merely that technology strengthens the surface of the balls but also hardens it. Consequently, such external composition of these balls makes them resistant to extraordinary temperatures that appear when they move across the table cloth.


As a conclusion, Aramith Premium Pool balls serve you longer than you assume while table fabric remains as fresh as brand-new. Thus if you need all your pool accessories, including the table, last longer, choose Aramith Balls and enjoy each game.

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