Why You Should Always Turn On Airplane Mode When Flying

Putting your phone into airplane mode when flying is essential for reasons that include preventing plane navigation interference and mitigating turbulence dangers.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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No, you aren’t getting asked to put your cell phone in airplane mode when you fly just because the flight attendet doesn’t like you. There’s actually a reason that you wish you could fully charge your phone in five minutes before you board a plane. Although cell phones have evolved into futuristic devices, putting them in airplane mode actually helps. 

According to Mercury News, because wireless networks are connected by a series of towers, they can become overloaded if signals overhead all have to work at once. This is what happens when you’re on an airplane, and the signals can interfere with the plane’s navigation system. 

It could even cause something called “Turbulence Dangers”, which are near-instantaneous changes in air pressure that occur when two planes cross paths in the sky. To prevent this from happening, all cell phones must be put in airplane mode before takeoff to stop any signal from interfering with the plane.

So next time you’re about to board a flight, take an extra few minutes to make sure your phone is charged and powered down—you’ll be doing yourself and everyone else on board a favor. 

In addition to cell phones, it is also important to be mindful of other wireless devices that may interfere with aircraft navigation systems and cause turbulence dangers. Bluetooth headsets, laptop computers, tablets, and even fitness trackers can emit signals that cause interference and put your aircraft in danger. So, be sure to turn off any wireless devices before you board the plane or put them in airplane mode.

Finally, make sure to store all loose items, such as books or magazines, away from electronics when boarding a plane, as vibrations from turbulence can easily cause them to fly around the cabin and cause an injury. Recent news of severe turbulence on the rise is a great reminder to store airplane mode-enabled electronics safely and securely. 

When on the ground or in the air, airplane mode is your best friend when it comes to wireless devices. Airplane mode will prevent your device from connecting to any wireless networks. 

This can prevent your device from emitting any signals that could interfere with or put the safety of an aircraft at risk. Airplane mode is key to ensuring the safe operation of an aircraft and avoiding any potential fines or penalties. 

Interestingly (and not surprising) by having flyers put their phones in airplane mode, it’s saving a social crisis. Imagine hundreds of people talking on their phones in a small space. In addition, this chatting could keep flyers from hearing important directions should an emergency occur. 

Also, a state known as air range could occur more frequently if folks are constantly talking over each other. It would be enough to make anyone purchase the best noise-canceling airplane headphones and try to sleep.
As plane travel changes and matures with the times into supersonic arenas, it is unclear if we’ll have to continue to put our cell phones in airplane mode forever. But, it gives you a great excuse to not have to talk with anyone for a while.