2023 Predictions Made By People In 1923

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

2023 predictions

One hundred years is really not a terribly long time. It’s roughly how long folks are now living for (at least that’s what we strive for). And it goes by fast. Too fast. But when we pause and look at past 2023 predictions from 1923–which was 100 years ago, it’s interesting to see what regular folks thought today would be like. From exotic beauty treatments to a cure for cancer, folks 100 years ago thought we’d be living differently these days. 

According to NPR, there were many documented 2023 predictions made about what life would be like 100 years in the future. And the thoughts of how everyday life would be are fairly off target. But, it’s fun to see what people think. Some guesses were fairly close to how life currently is. 

Even if you’re not into things like astrology or tarot card readings to get your 2023 predictions, you could probably make some strong guesses based on the hopes and dreams of a 1923 dweller. In 1923, insulin to treat diabetes was invented. And, King Tut’s tomb was opened. One more note–Warner Brothers started their studio. So, it was a big year for everything from medical advances to the occult to entertainment. No wonder they were trying to guess what was coming. Here are some highlights:

  1. In 1923, 2023 predictions included the beautification of, well, everyone. It was guessed that people would be incredibly beautiful, healthy, and well–there would be no diseases or sickness. In fact, in 1923, folks thought that there would be no beauty contests since everybody would be gorgeous. However, folks also believed that the height of beauty would be women coloring their teeth black. So … ok. As an aside, they did foresee the gender-bending dress and style that we actually do see today. 
  2. No more hard work. Folks had a 2023 prediction 100 years ago of less drudgery and more living for pleasure. In addition, folks even thought that somehow cities would be immaculately clean and perfect. They also thought that perhaps, through technological innovations, more places in North America and Canada would be habitable. (That part is probably true.) 
  3. As part of the 2023 predictions, people thought that perhaps there would be a boost in communications. Folks will no longer read newspapers. They will get their news in wireless ways. Yup, they predicted the internet. However, they also did think that perhaps we would have the power of telepathy and that power would begin in the embryonic stages of life. 
  4. Another group of 2023 predictions come in the realm of transportation. Futurists say that perhaps there would be freighters that would travel at 1,000 miles an hour in order to get goods from around the world. And, perhaps the winner–watch sized radio telephones that will keep everybody connected. NAILED IT! 
  5. A rather odd bunch of 2023 predictions come in the form of how folks will be taking care of their internal organs. Some thought we’d be using “kidney koozies” to keep their kidneys warm. And, of course, homes and utensils would be made primarily out of concrete and pulp. 

Before you catch a cold in your kidney, put down your concrete spoon and put some black stuff on your teeth! It’s 2023!