Taylormade RocketBallz Irons Review

By Iqra Khalid | Published

If you have ever played golf, you will know how important it is to get the right golf products. A golf club is used in golf to hit the ball. People prefer different types of golf clubs while playing golf. Woods irons and putters are the three major types of golf clubs. Although the name was frowned upon by people at the launch but the performance proved that these irons are in the market for serious players.


What to look for in Irons 

If you look for buying irons, you probably have to look for these four things, namely, workability, accuracy, distance, and feel. These are expected to be the standard while choosing an iron.

  • Workability – workability of the iron means its ability to control the trajectory, and it also relates to making shots with left and right curves. A good iron can help you maneuver the path of the golf ball. Check this guide if you want more information.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy of the iron means its ability to make accurate shots it also means how forgiving it is. A good club will minimize your technical mistakes so you can step up your game quicker.
  • Distance – The angle or iron face plays an important role in determining the distance the iron is capable of hitting the ball away.
  • Feel – the feel of the iron refers to how it feels to the golfer as the iron swings or at the time of impact or the follow-through.

Taylor Made Rocket Ballz irons give all four of these in excess amount. It makes these irons the best for playing golf because they have all the characteristics that are needed in irons by golfers.

taylormade rocketballz iron review


Features of Taylor Made Rocket Ballz Iron 

  •       Clubface 

The clubface is ultra-thin with a high Coefficient of Restitution that gives the highest ball speeds possible for greater distance. The coefficient of restitution refers to the transfer of energy between one object and another. When the golf club hits the golf ball, given the coefficient of restitution is higher, lesser energy is lost, and more distance is covered by the ball.

The clubface is so thin that the coefficient of restitution (COR) is right on legal limits, so it provides maximum spring effect and the ball speeds. This is the first thing to point out in the Rocket Ballz irons. The back of the club is also completely re-engineered with a new toe bar section.

The clubhead is made of the satin finish now that enables the Taylor Made to do the custom fit process, which is to bend the iron to different angles without actually marking the hosel.

  •       Toe-bar

One of the features of this iron is the toe bar, which is a new re-engineered face feature. It controls the amount that the face flexes to promote a much straighter golf shot. This doesn’t make the shot springy towards the sides, and it makes the shots straighter.

  •       Two-piece construction 

Rocket Ballz irons are engineered with two-piece metal wood construction. It promotes a lower center of gravity, which gives a nice high launch and more distance.

  •       Fitting Message 

After the analysis of your swing and using technology at the fitting centers, the staff of Taylor Made identifies characteristics that affect the accuracy and carry distance. This information is then used to make the necessary adjustments to loft, lie and length to make sure that the Taylor Made iron is the best for you. This helps increase your performance while you are playing golf.

  •       Sounds and vibrations 

The Taylor Made irons are made with the layers that controls sounds and vibration. It absorbs unwanted sound and vibration giving the irons a soundless feel.

  •       Range of Irons 

All of the irons, ranging from 3 and going to 9-irons, all are engineered with two-piece metal wood construction. They have a high correlation with restitution. They also have a lower center of gravity. Both of these give the Rocket Ballz Irons the special features that they are known for. Every iron is different from the other because it is tuned and optimized individually. 3, 4, and 5 irons have a thick top line as compared to others. 6 irons have a pitching wedge, which makes it different from other irons.

Three types of Taylor Made Rocket Ballz Irons 

The irons throughout the set are made in an innovative manner. They range from short irons to mid irons and long irons. Each one of them is different from each other with their specific features.

  • Rbz long irons – Rocket Ballz long irons are hollow and large. They have metal wood construction for insane velocity and low center of gravity for high trajectory.
  • Rbz mid irons – Rocket Ballz mid irons have deep undercut cavity. They have a toe bar for pinpoint accuracy and thin, fast face for insane distance.
  • Rbz short irons – Rocket Ballz short irons are compact. They have ATV sole technology for insane versatility and compact heads for maximum playability.

Pros and cons of Rocket Ballz Iron 

  • Pros The distances by them are impressive.
  • The shots can be shaped in any direction that you want.
  • The shots are accurate; they fly straight.
  • These irons are stylish.
  • It maintains distance on miss-hits as well.
  • Cons 
  • These irons are expensive.
  • There are no adjustable weights.


A person who buys and sells iron set used Taylor made Rocket Ballz Irons and told that these are unbelievable. He liked them because they are solid, and the ball flight is perfect for them. They are much more forgiving. The club head also has a great look to it, it’s not big and clunky at all. He also wrote that the customer service is very responsive. They are always there to answer queries that anyone emails them within 24 hours, which is a great thing.


Many golfers have approved of the products by Taylor Made. They make products that are on top of the line and provide a good experience to the golfer while playing. Taylor Made Rocket Ballz Irons are one of the best irons available in the market. They have distinct features that makes them better than the rest of the irons available.

They are a little expensive, but they are worthy of the money that you spend on them. They are compact and stylish with great workability, accuracy, distance, and feel to them. All the people who have used Taylor Made Rocket Ballz Iron have good things to say about the product.

taylormade rocketballz iron review