By Asad | 1 year ago

What used to be a fun show and a cool forum now has disappeared and switched to tapatalk. Although the tapatalk version of survivorsucks is still there but is not as active as it used to be. Better than nothing though!

survivorsucks forum

Take a look at the search history for the term suvivorsucks. The show was quite  popular but seems to have lost loads of fan base after 2006.  It is quite difficult to maintain quality over time. From what I have observed was the lack of new ideas and the repetition of the same routes.


The same happened to the forum. The general feel of the forum was toxic. Bullying was way to common and probably gave a very negative feel to the overall forum outlook. That is why nowadays most of the forums have must follow rules policy. It is quite common to see that any negative behaviour leads to a permanent ban on most forums. Lazy moderators and admins only churning on the exponential passive income is a recipe for disaster for any forum.

Overall the show also lost quite a lot of rating. From season 1 50 million to a mere 7 million ghost island viewership is quite a big plunge. Although the number is still not bad being in millions but from people watching for 2 decades it gets quite predictable and boring.

Nevertheless, everybody knew sooner or later this was coming. The fall is not just due to one individual lapse but its a collective effort that lead to the fall of survivorsucks. If the management still tries to revive the dead horse it may not gallop for long. The decline at the end of year 2006 set the trend and survivorsucks was never able to recover from that.

The website seemed to have died off in the last quarter of 2017. My guess is that it was live till September 2017. Here check the last screenshot I was able to find of the forum. Look at the dates in the last comment column. I was not able to find any trace of the forum after this 5th September. The forum likely moved to tapatalk ever since then.

forum of survivorsucks