Sherwin-Williams 2020 Color of the Year

By Asad | 9 months ago

Naval Blue is coming back with it full glory. There is nothing better than Naval blue with stips of gold in a room. It’s a royal feeling that you can feel in a room painted with Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244. Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year is one of their Naval Blues.

sw color of the year 2020

Naval SW 6244 In bed Room

Naval SW 6244 will look great with a marble polished marble or with hardwood floors. You can set your bedroom main wall with the Naval SW 6244 and have side drawers with midday or tarnished trumpet.  The combination would look great with Kale Green curtains. You can let the sunlight in and the combination of a Naval Wall behind a midday drawer can make the room look posh.

If you are not planning to get new side drawers or you are on a budget that you can still decorate your room with polished copper side lamps. It can be minimal but with a front view, the copper accent will not sink in with the Naval Blue but rather form a royal combination of naval blue with the gold.

In Living Room

Set up a couch, one with gray color looks more balanced with the peaceful tone of the SW 6244 wall. Have a rack of side tables with midday color. A striped rugged on a hardwood floor can make everything coherent with the furniture. Your guest would love the combination especially if you can get gold or copper plated wall lights.

Blue is the calm color and it gives the sense of serenity as if you are in the middle of the ocean. Naval Blue 6244 is just the right shade of naval blue and is neither too dark or light. The tranquility felt with a blue wall and right furniture can elevate your mood.

WHY SW 6244

Although, Naval Blue is a classic color but the reason why it has made a comeback is that the saturation with the current gray color schemes in the mainstream home decor. Gray can make the room look spacious but it is overdone these days. Naval blue is the safest escape route.

The reason why SW chose this color is that there is less experimental risk associated with this color. Anyone on a budget and looking to do a combination that would not look odd then SW 6244 is just the right color. The color is decent and will work in most situations. However, for very small rooms it would require a tricky set of furniture.

Not just the walls, 6244 can go on the kitchen cabinets. You can set up the walls with agreeable gray, have cabinets colors with Naval blue and get copper handles for the cabinets. I am not sure about the chrome refrigerator if you already own a white or a black one than it would contrast better with the gray walls and the cabinets.

Can SW 6244 Go Beyond 2020?

The short answer is Yes. Navy blue is a timeless color, it looks good almost everywhere. The color is royal, calm, and looks expensive. The color itself requires no helping colors but some combinations can certainly increase the look of the room.

If the room you are planning to use SW 6244 already has equipment with colors darker in nature than I would recommend balancing the room with lighter colors, this will make the room more spacious and make the equipment stand out against the dark wall.

Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year as Naval Blue is a safe play by the brand. This color is a good investment for those who want to go well beyond 2020 and still look different from the saturated gray market. I personally love Navy Blue, it is my go-to color for apparel but the recommendation from SW as the main room color has actually made me think about going for it.

sherwin williams color of the year 2020