Pepsi Is Adding An Odd New Ingredient To Its Drinks

By Joseph Farago | 3 months ago


Most agree that carbonation is the first essential quality for any soft drink. But, what if soda products were infused with another property, giving it an even richer, bubblier texture? Pepsi has answered the carbonation gods with its newest drink: Nitro Pepsi.

A popular technique in cold-brew coffee, PepsiCo is set to release a nitrogen-infused Pepsi for a smoother drink texture. The nitrogen bubbles are smaller than regular CO2 bubbles, adding a slightly softer mouthfeel to the drink. Though the flavor of Pepsi has remained unchanged, the nitrogen will produce a creamier consistency to the iconic soda.

The company is marketing the Nitro Pepsi as “softer than a soft drink,” a clear nod to its smooth new texture. Like the ubiquitous nitro cold brew, the soda will have a foam layer at the top of the drink. This additional bubble-foam will push the creaminess of the Nitro Pepsi to unexpected heights.

The Nitro Pepsi will hit grocery shelves in the United States on March 28th. The new sodas will have a few different flavors, including traditional and vanilla. If the nitrogen-infused sodas gain mass success, Pepsi may release nitro versions of various other flavors. Take a first look at the upcoming releases below.

Though the soda company will release the Nitro Pepsi next month, people have already tried the innovative drink. The nitrogen-infused pop has been in the works since 2019 and has had a plethora of taste-testers to ensure optimal creaminess. Some tasters likened the foamy soda to a root beer float: rich and carbonated, but without the ice cream. Pepsi’s new invention will definitely have consumers feeling decadent after their very first sip.

This nitrogen-fueled beverage isn’t an out-of-the-blue release for Pepsi. The company cited its most extensive critique as the cola’s heavy carbonation of CO2 bubbles, a common deterrent for non-soda drinkers. Pepsi wanted to eliminate this barrier, marketing a less-abrasive beverage for those who find carbonation too offputting. The Nitro Pepsi will definitely attract new soda lovers, for its taste and texture are way subtler than standard cans of pop.

Pepsi takes a page out of the iconic beer brand Guinness to properly manufacture these new sodas. The nitrogen is retained by adding something called a widget inside the bottom of the can. The widget is triggered when the can is opened, releasing nitrogen into the beverage to create the signature, foamy texture. Guinness patented its widget more than 50 years ago, an intelligent move now that beverage companies globally want to join the nitrogen game.

Pepsi has had a busy February already, with a successful Super Bowl ad preceding its inventive nitro soda. Due to its star-studded cast, the beverage company received vast amounts of positive publicity. Both Eli and Peyton Manning star in the Super Bowl commercial, an excellent way to get football fans engaged. Even though gameday is over, the soda giant is continuously receiving attention thanks to its expensive ad.

PepsiCo, a gigantic beverage conglomerate that’s been operating since 1965, still impressively manages to stay relevant. With its Nitro Pepsi, the company has established itself as the first nitrogen-infused soft drink retailer.