Numberle: The Daily Puzzle Challenge For Math Whizzes

Numberle is a daily math equation puzzle challenge that requires you to guess an equation by inputting numbers and arithmetic signs.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

It is no secret that Wordle, a daily word game, has become the runaway hit that we didn’t know we needed. Since the invention and release of Wordle, there have been a number of daily puzzle games similar to Wordle that are beginning to catch on. One of these games is for the math nerd in all of us and it is called Numberle.



So, what exactly is Numberle? Well, if you are like the millions and millions around the globe that has had the pleasure to play Wordle, then you will understand the setup. The game is basically Wordle with numbers.

The rules are simple. You need to guess the math equation accurately in six tries. Easy peasy, right?

You begin the game by entering your very own correct math equation to start getting clues to the puzzle. With each guess, you must include numbers (0-9) and arithmetic signs (+ – =). Once these are entered and your equation is a correct one, the clues will follow.

Here is what you will see: If any of the numbers or symbols you enter are not in the Numberle puzzle, they will immediately turn gray. This means you will never have to use them again as you continue solving the puzzle.

If any of the numbers or symbols are in the Numberle puzzle but are not in the correct spot, they will be marked in a brown box. If you happen to correctly guess the number or symbol and it is in the correct place in the puzzle, these boxes will turn green. Now you’re on to something.

As mentioned, and just like Wordle, Numberle only gives you six guesses to correctly solve the puzzle. Also as mentioned, your guesses must be a correct equation. They would look like this: 6-2+5=9.

Numberle only accepts correct equations and along with that, each one of your guesses must include an = sign. You can only use numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 0 and you can only use the + – * / = symbols. Your equation must also have an integer (whole number) to the right of the = sign, with no fractions.

Six tries are all you get and while the concept is easy, the puzzles can be difficult. As you get into your third and fourth equation guesses, the hope is you will see more and more green boxes around your numbers and symbols. You need all boxes to be green by your sixth try.

One more thing when it comes to the game Numberle. Order matters in your guesses. This means that if the answer to the puzzle is 25+15+6=46, then 15+25+6=46 will not work.


Numberle comes from the mind of Sarah Simson, a math lover who saw an opportunity to titillate those like her when Wordle became more and more popular. “It’s surprising how well the same design still works when the letters are replaced by numbers, and you’re instead relying on your ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide,” Simson explained. “That’s what you’re doing in Numberle, which is Wordle for math fans.”

Simson describes herself as an indie developer and a math nerd on her Twitter account. She doesn’t appear to be too active on Twitter or any other social media, but she does retweet a lot, mainly things centered around Wordle. She does provide an email address ([email protected]) if there are any questions or concerns about the game.


Numberle does have its own website. You can find the game here. Once there, you will see that you can play an unlimited number of games as well as choose what difficulty you’d like the equations to come at you. You also will have the ability to create your own crazy math puzzles so you can then challenge your brainiac friends and family.



Although Numberle is growing in popularity, it hasn’t hit the big time as Wordle has. That is not to say it won’t, but for now, it is still finding its way. But given the success of other Worldle knock-offs, it has a good chance.

Maybe you have heard of Heardle. This is a game that is similar to both Wordle and Numberle, but the puzzles here are musical. Players hear the first second of a song and then have the opportunity to guess the song and the artist. If one second doesn’t work for you, the game allows you to skip your guess to get more of the song and if you are truly stumped, Heardle will allow up to 16 seconds of the song.

While the game sounds fun for music lovers, what is really exciting about this game is it has become so popular, streaming music giant Spotify has gotten involved. Similar to the New York Times purchasing Wordle for around $1 million for Wordle, Spotify stepped in after Heardle began to make some noise. The news of the deal reached the general public on July 12, 2022, but the final price tag of what Spotify paid to acquire it has not been divulged.

One has to wonder, though, if the sale to Spotify of the music app topped the $1 million mark, and since Spotify did claim that Heardle already had millions of users, there is a strong possibility they paid a hefty price for the game. For the most part, Spotify has kept the game the same, other than a small redesign to match Spotify. Spotify has also added a couple of links to the game that will take users to the Spotify platform, but other than that, Heardle has not gone through a major facelift.

Spotify is offering the game for free right now. And they say you do not need an account to play the game. But as the game gains popularity, these things may change.

Is this the direction Simson and her Numberle game will eventually go? She can only cross her fingers that the game takes off like Wordle and now Heardle. Okay, math nerds, what are you waiting for?