Urgent Meat Recalls Announced For Multiple Products

By Kristi Eckert | 7 months ago

meat recall

The supply chain crisis has been plaguing the nation for weeks. It has created a trickle-down effect that has seeped into every area of commerce and has severely impacted product availability. Grocery stores have been feeling some of the worst effects of the supply chain bottlenecks with many struggling to keep food on the shelves. In addition to having to worry about whether or not particular food items will be available, consumers also have to worry if the food that they are purchasing is safe to eat. Onions have recently been linked to nationwide salmonella infections and now the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a meat recall for a plethora of products. 

The meat recalls are far-reaching and have been associated with multiple brands. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a warning regarding 10,000 pounds of pork pellets out of Evans Food Group that were distributed throughout the United States in September. The pork pellets in question are being recalled after it came to light that they had not been properly inspected. To date, no infections or adverse effects have been linked to the pork pellets, but the USDA is maintaining that all products containing the possibly tainted meat should be discarded.

The pork pellets involved in the meat recall were ground down and used to manufacture a variety of pork-based snack foods. A full list of all snack brands involved in the meat recall can be found here. The recall includes many recognizable brands like 7-11’s 7-Select. The recalled products were shipped out to states largely on the west coast and include Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington. Consumers in those states should look for the establishment number “EST. 6030” printed on the snack food’s packaging on any of the affected brands. 

The pork pellets were not the only products to be flagged by the FSIS recently for not being properly inspected. They have also issued a meat recall involving a staggering 24,461 pounds of raw frozen lamb shoulders. The affected lamb products came out of New Zealand and were shipped in 33-39 pound boxes and can be identified by both the establishment seal SPM 135 and shipping mark M1353023. The potentially hazardous meat was initially shipped to Florida and then distributed north to Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Pennsylvania. Similar to the pork pellet meat recall, the lamb products have not been found to be associated with any food-born illnesses and the FSIS has issued the order as more of a precaution.

 A comprehensive list of all of the stores that the meat was available in is still in the process of being compiled, and as of now, consumers should refer to the indicated product markers to verify if they had purchased any products involved in the meat recall. It’s much better to be safe, rather than sorry, hence consumers who find they have purchased the products afflicted by the meat recall should take heed and toss or return the items.