What Is A Land Acknowledgment And Why They Are Vitally Important

Land acknowledgement is used by both native and non-native people to recognize the Indigenous People who originally looked after the land that we now live on.

By Ryan Clancy | Updated

land acknowledgement

A land acknowledgment is a custom used by many native communities across America. It is a tradition that has been implemented for hundreds of years. This acknowledgment is used by both native and non-native people to recognize the Indigenous People who originally looked after the land that we now live on. After centuries of oppression and displacement, it is only fitting that the original owners of the lands are officially acknowledged.

There has been a range of different tribes scattered across many parts of America over the last few centuries, and a lot of these people no longer live on the lands to which their tribe or family is connected. But even if they do not live on these lands, they still embrace their history and belong to their ancestral homelands through various Indigenous traditions. These traditions include native languages, oral rituals, ceremonies and a number of other customs.

It is crucial that we do not forget our history. The Indigenous people who worked and cherished the land where we now work and live should not be overlooked. Without them, the land would not sustain any life or food for America to grow and develop into what it is today.

Also, the modern native population of these tribes that live in our cosmopolitan areas and throughout America should be recognized. They keep this essential part of American history alive through their traditions, customs, and love of their culture.

When making a new land acknowledgment, it is suggested that the local native communities be contacted to ask how they would like to be recognized and if they would be comfortable with such a declaration. They can be contacted through the Native American Cultural Centre and other government and educational offices. Also, during this process, it is important not to forget about the native communities that were forcibly removed throughout history and recognize them if they wish to.

Once the information is gathered for a land acknowledgment, they can be spoken about at many public and private events, including school gatherings, town hall meetings, and private clubs.

Land acknowledgments are a sign of respect and support for the Native people and tribes that are indigenous to modern-day America. They were the first occupants and have a deep connection to this land, none of which should be forgotten. By publically acknowledging these amazing people, it is an essential step in mending relationships that were fractured so many years previously. It creates a collaborative, accountable, and respectful relationship with the native people and communities in our country.

America has a great and extensive history in which many significant events happened. But right at the start of our history is the native tribes that are indigenous to the land before settlers from Europe came in to colonize America. It is important to recognize while everyone’s ancestry is different, the land was loved and cared for by a specific group of people before America was colonized and changed over time to what it is today.