What Is A Hidden Job Network And Why You Should Want To Be A Part Of One

Hidden job networks on Slack are exclusive groups that give their members unique opportunities for career advancement.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

Finding job opportunities can be hard sometimes. Even knowing that networking and referrals are the not-so-hidden secrets to landing your dream job is not always helpful. Finding the right moment (or courage) to tap into your network can often be intimidating. The good news for introverts and remote workers is that there is a hidden job network online you can tap into.

These virtual communities began popping up many years ago. But they gained traction during the pandemic when traditional networking avenues were inaccessible. Now, job seekers in nearly every industry can find a home of like-minded individuals.

This unique and hidden job network has grown over the years and supports thousands of workers in their employment quest. News of job opportunities regularly appear in the communities, some of which never get posted publicly. And if you have been an active, helpful group member, you end up with a built-in referral network.

It is a particularly enticing space for remote workers, who have the opportunity to find amazing positions worldwide. And freelancers love taking advantage of the chance to have thousands of sets of eyes on their work.

Plus, recruiters are sitting up and taking notice of these platforms. The BBC recently interviewed the chief operating officer at Monday Talent, a recruiting company. According to the COO, Carly Mednick, using one of those hidden job networks for recruiting is “…something we’d absolutely consider.”

However, Mednick offers a word of caution, echoed by other critics of the online communities. Many networking groups remain closely guarded and for “members” only use. So you cannot just pop into a group and start looking around uninvited. Often, the acceptance process is lengthy. Many get turned away because they do not meet stringent criteria.

The other potential issue facing job seekers is – how do you go about finding these hidden job networks in the first place? Unless you know someone inside, you may never hear of their existence. While they typically run on widely-used platforms, such as Slack, searching for a potential group is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


If you can find one and get past the gatekeepers, you will find a goldmine. Connecting with others in your field on a global scale will help boost your industry knowledge. Not to mention…get you the visibility you would otherwise never get.

Additionally, it is not just job seekers that utilize these groups. Plenty of employers hop on as well. Often, they look for potential employees who are easy to work with and pleasant. You can make yourself stand out from the crowd by engaging in conversation, along with offering praise and advice when appropriate.

Perhaps the best news for employers and job seekers is how quickly the hiring process goes when these hidden job networks get used to their full advantage. Many potential employees have found themselves fast-tracked in the hiring process. And often without the need for external referrals.

With so many potential benefits awaiting you, these communities are easily worth the time it will take to find one. Hop onto Slack or your preferred app and see what you can find. Chances are you can stumble onto a group perfectly suited for your unique career goals.