HBO Max Shutting Down?

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

hbo max

Streaming fans should get ready to rejoice. As of the summer of 2023, there will be one less app for them to deal with when the HBO Max app disappears. But, don’t worry. It is not completely going away. The parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, is working on a complete revamp of both the HBO Max and Discovery+ apps.

A few weeks ago, rumors started flying about the future of HBO Max. They started making drastic programming changes that did not please many viewers. Before release, they abruptly canceled the long-awaited Batgirl series. It came as a shock to many since it was nearly complete. Then, they began removing HBO Max exclusive movies.

With such unusual changes and upheaval to the lineup, many believed things were looking bad for the streaming service. So the CEO, David Zaslav had some explaining to do during a recent earnings call. He assured listeners that HBO Max is not going anywhere.

Instead, the changes will rectify the app’s long-standing problems. Viewers regularly complain about streaming delays and other frustrations due to trouble with the app. Trying to watch popular shows on HBO Max is not a user-friendly experience.

According to Zaslav, the platform used by HBO Max is not well-suited to withstand the current streaming demands. So they are taking an innovative approach to improving the customer experience. Warner Bros. Discovery is building an entirely new app that will combine Discovery+ and HBO Max.

One of the explanations for this shift is simply due to the technological aspects. Discovery+ has a far superior platform and rarely causes problems for viewers. Their advanced tech is good enough to support the demands of both services. 

Warner Bros. Discovery acquired Discovery+ when they completed their merger in April 2022. The new leadership group is clearly ready to take the company in a different direction. The decision to integrate the two popular apps appears to be the first step.

Discovery+ and HBO Max have great individual lineups that continue to bring in new viewers and keep older customers engaged. Zaslav assured listeners during the earnings call that the independent offerings would remain. The only difference is you will now be able to find both services on a single app.

This integration is great news for those who currently subscribe to both. It will allow easier access to favorite shows and provide a more streamlined experience. And any customers who currently only subscribe to one will have the opportunity to explore new movies and shows, perhaps finding a new favorite.

For Warner Bros. Discovery, it should help improve customer experience and thus satisfaction. They clearly stated that there is no intention of doing away with HBO Max. They feel like it is developing a remarkable and standalone brand image.

At this point, there is no indication of what the name will be for this new streaming service. Nor do we have an anticipated release date. So, fans of HBO Max will have to keep a close eye on the news as we await further updates.